Blog2018 ≫ Found my glasses again

Stand down, panic over. I started packing my big bag for my next trip (I'm well organised, it's several weeks away) and I found them loose in the bag. They must have just fallen out of their case, or I rested them on the bag at some point and packed over them. They're not even scratched!

I have made myself an eye test appointment for this week as I'm sure I need a new prescription now. The beetle was cheaper than expected, so I can afford fancy new pairs. These ones are GREAT for the computer right now actually but they're getting worse for reading.

I did update my holiday reminder1 so now it says "60 days to go, 1% packed" which is a nice feature. I'm not doing the live countdown though, nor offering the option to share on social media. This stops it stepping on the toes of other projects I'm aware of, but also I don't think that's very secure. I may offer a lot of hints but I do not say "I'm going away from my house for several days on this date", not a smart idea.

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