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Nice to have a night in London. Woman on reception in our hotel was dreadful...

Worked out really well that I was in London when MJ Hibbett's Totally Acoustic1 was on, nice to get to go to one of his gigs again, it's been a long time. Left work late and had a lot of faffing checking in to our hotel, Bloomsbury Holiday Inn were very very slow on reception, then some awful woman gave us grief because we did not have a signed letter to get the room rate that our company had booked for us (we were told to bring business cards or pay slips to prove we worked for Holiday Extras but OH NO she knew better), and so as some kind of revenge put us in stinking smoking rooms without asking a preference. I didn't know hotels even still had smoking rooms, I thought all work places were smoke free. So, back down to reception to change rooms again, where the woman at reception denied she'd done this on purpose but then said the hotel was fully booked and they had to give priority to customers who were paying full price. But then somehow they found us two non smoking rooms. Witch.

That made us late heading out, then trying to find food slowed us down a bit more, though we had a brilliant meal in the Italian right next door to The Lamb. Got in to The Lamb to hear the closing bars of Hey Hey 16k coming from the upstairs room, and got there just in time to see Mark's final song, a cover of "I can see clearly now". The other two acts on were both brilliant, @fakebitpoly were not entirely acoustic, but obviously a lot more acoustic than they usually are. Jenny Lockyer was proper singer song writer stuff Joni Mitchell meets Richard Digance. Well if she's going to still be using myspace, then I'm going to use old fashioned metaphors.

Woke at 5am for some reason, perhaps it was the silence in the hotel, without the boy gurgling and chatting away. Up properly at 8, Caffe Nero for breakfast and now I'm in the office and raring to go.

💬 Totally Acoustic

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