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22 High Street, Hythe, Kent CT21 5AT 01303 264888

Cafe, Kengate Industrial Estate, 142 Dymchurch Road, Hythe, CT21 6LU

113 Station Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PJ 01303 269898

160B High Street, Hythe, Kent CT21 5JR, UK

Unit 1, Riverside Industrial Estate, West Hythe Road, CT21 4NB

Prince's Parade, Hythe, Kent CT21 6AE

59 High Street, Hythe, Kent CT21 5AD 01303 266236 / Fax 01303 262584

37 Windmill Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6BH 01303 260406

171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024

Cinque Ports Avenue, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6HS

38 High Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5AT 01303 265026

Last day of the holidays... Not actually holiday for me, I'm working, but last day for the boys. And it's raining, so they'll... [Mon 4 September 2017]

And fixed it Well sort of. If you look at it funny it might fall off again, but the bureau is going off my... [Thu 4 June 2015]

Got some glue! Well on the way to fixing this myself now... [Tue 3 February 2015]

Aargh, annoyed, broke the bureau Just bust my bureau , this one: Went out for a ride on my bike to Hythe, came back, put... [Sun 28 September 2014]

Oh noes they are closing the A259 (Seabrook Road) The main road running from Sandgate to Hythe at the bottom of our road is going to be... [Fri 26 September 2014]

The Potting Shed was great I knew I recognised the picture of the landlord on one of the websites promoting the opening of... [Fri 19 September 2014]

New micropub opens in Hythe today "The Potting Shed" Being opened by the hopfuzz.co.uk people, sounds great. Opening today at 6.30, but I'm at... [Thu 18 September 2014]

Collect from Hythe..? I would have had this one! [Mon 1 September 2014]

瞿1.35 million new build in Hythe Part of the Fisherman's Beach development in Hythe, I can't quite place where it is though. I... [Thu 14 August 2014]

Police action down the road It's all go round here, local miscreant Boyd Williams gets three years in jail for his part as... [Mon 4 August 2014]

Lots of errors on this website suddenly Not sure what that is but it's disrupting things, sorry, I will investigate. On the plus side... [Sat 19 July 2014]

Fantastic pizza at the White Hart Went for a pizza evening at the White Hart in Hythe , a friend is trying out as a chef, a... [Tue 17 June 2014]

Coppers in Hythe Nice Clare's been to their restaurant in Folkestone, this new one in Hythe should be worth a... [Fri 13 June 2014]

Princes Parade Development I have a prediction about the Princes Parade development in Hythe . Once work has started on... [Wed 21 May 2014]

New stuff in Hythe There's a new Mexican in Hythe AND there is a Costa on the way! It's all go! Not sure... [Tue 6 May 2014]

Boot fair on Hythe green on Sunday (6th April) Will have to see if I can drag the boys around it. Not sure we really need anything, and Harry... [Fri 4 April 2014]

Transition Hythe Spring Fair Join us for this year's Spring Fair Transition Hythe Fair, March 2013 Saturday 12th April... [Fri 4 April 2014]

More weekend fun Did some DIY , a further step towards replacing the hallway downstairs with an identical... [Mon 3 March 2014]

Bad press for the Lysses House Hotel Here in the Mirror , and elsewhere in the press too I'm sure. Wife dies, husband obviously has... [Fri 3 January 2014]

Princes Parade update We got some stuff through from the council about the Prince's Parade "consultation", it was an... [Sat 5 October 2013]

Boot fair at Hythe Cricket Club It's always a good one, hope it stays dry. I've had my lie-in for the weekend, so I'm up early... [Sat 5 October 2013]

Weekend of colds Everyone has a cold, so a bit of a tiring weekend. I had my lie-in yesterday morning, that was... [Sun 22 September 2013]

Ooh bargain fruit press in Hythe Do I want this ? Can I justify it by saying I spent a lot less on the new tv than I might have... [Wed 18 September 2013]

I missed a work curry to Bangla Lounge in Hythe Sounds like I did not miss much, everyone says it was dreadful, what a shame. Bangla Lounge is... [Fri 6 September 2013]

Bank holiday weather Lots of rain today, the water butt is full to overflowing again. We had planned to go walking... [Sat 24 August 2013]

Most exercise in one day possibly ever Hmm probably not that much exercise by other people's standards, but yesterday after my big lie... [Mon 19 August 2013]

My most active day for ages Just looking at some old blog posts where I was talking about my number of steps on my... [Sun 4 August 2013]

Hospital Hill development While everyone's busy saving Princes Parade in Hythe the developers have moved in our up way.... [Wed 5 June 2013]

Save Princes Parade Dear Friends and supporters, I promised not to clog up your in box but today the sun is shining... [Mon 3 June 2013]

Lazy day We were thinking of only going as far as Hythe today, but we can't even be bothered with that... [Sat 16 March 2013]

Bits and pieces sort of day Went to Hythe . Came back, watched some rugby . Got rid of the old spare bed, to make room for... [Sat 2 February 2013]

Damp day The weather has been dreadful today so we've just been hanging out. Went to the supermarket and... [Sat 22 December 2012]

I only just heard Sotirio's has closed I never went in there but it was a bit of a local institution... Reasons beyond our control it... [Mon 10 December 2012]

Back better So going OUT! Out of the house! Going to the White Hart tonight in Hythe for a work leaving... [Fri 19 October 2012]

The boy started new nursery today We have moved him from Hythe Bay as for some reason he was terrified of going there every week.... [Fri 15 June 2012]

Still in a heatwave here My back is all better now, so I got up early and went to the boot fair in Hythe this morning.... [Sun 27 May 2012]

Hack Day Hack Day at Holiday Extras , as part of a funky project idea I'm improving our code we use for... [Fri 27 April 2012]

I did more than 10000 steps per day on two days this week Had a lovely weekend, most of Mothers day Clare was out with her mum so it was just me and Harry.... [Mon 19 March 2012]

Where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this weekend? You would think The Folkestone Gerald would know what's the best pub with a TV in Hythe , but,... [Wed 14 March 2012]

Things I learned about the White Hart (Hythe) Looking for a place to go this weekend in Hythe so checked The White Hart website . I found out... [Wed 14 March 2012]

I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me Weekend roundup... also where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this Saturday? [Mon 12 March 2012]

Ferocious weather A damp day today, fierce black clouds overhead that do not look good for Clare and Harry going to... [Wed 14 December 2011]

Back in work (it's 8pm) We have a curry on the way any minute now from Everest in Hythe , then after that LET'S CLOUD ! [Mon 12 September 2011]

Work meal out Out! On a week night! OK, actually we do go out on a week night every week when we do the quiz on... [Fri 2 September 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Fountain We're nearly home now, The Fountain is the closest pub to home. It's a big pub, too big for the... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Bell Didn't expect much from The Bell but it was at a fairly convenient stop on the walk home. It was... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The White Hart Next we headed to The White Hart on the high street, nice, nicest of the four pubs we went to on... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Other pubs we went to at the weekend: The Hope As Mum and Dad were here all weekend, and knackered from a full day of Harry on the Saturday,... [Mon 1 August 2011]

Super long weekend Have had mum and dad here for a few days and put them to work in the garden! We (mostly they)... [Mon 2 May 2011]

Went to Thailand Tom last Saturday We had a nice meal, with nice wine, and by all accounts a nice desert. It's good to have a Thai... [Wed 27 April 2011]

Free curry and booze! Work night out in Hythe, nice one! [Wed 9 March 2011]

A nice pair Two lovely tables. [Thu 3 March 2011]

I think I saw an otter If not an otter, then it was a "big mouse". I'm going with otter. [Fri 4 February 2011]

I am a shape This is Harry's new favourite thing, we have watched it thirty times today :-( Apart from... [Sat 29 January 2011]

Not back in London today missed the train so came in to the office instead... [Tue 11 January 2011]

Went to The Fountain for Jim's birthday There was a punch-up, though I did not see it myself [Mon 6 December 2010]

Up to another 20cm of snow forecast overnight and a big snow love heart [Wed 1 December 2010]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow It has snowed big style here. Snowing constantly for a couple of days here, I think the sea spray... [Wed 1 December 2010]

Aha boot fair has been moved to bank holiday Monday hope it is still on following all that rain, I suspect not... [Sun 29 August 2010]

sorry I don't know about the boot fair Do you mean St Mary's field? I updated with the original list I had, I am guessing there will not... [Fri 27 August 2010]

boot fair this saturday Hi Paul Is there a boot fair on this Saturday 29th August - web site isn't up to date. Regards Ann [Fri 27 August 2010]

TV show Flog It was from Folkestone today Never mind your festivals, watch this daytime fluff on the iplayer... [Thu 26 August 2010]

White Hart Hotel, Hythe, Kent The White Hart in Hythe high street as now reopened, It is now a free house with a good choice of... [Sun 4 July 2010]

Pavement pounders walks for May, June, July and August Sunday 30th May , Sunday 27th June, Sunday 31st. July , Sunday 29th. August @Pavementpound a... [Wed 19 May 2010]

Good to know The Fountain will be my new local when I move... not that I ever get out to my old local at the... [Tue 13 April 2010]

It ticks every box! The Fountain Pub is great. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the food is fantastic! The location... [Mon 12 April 2010]

A new Thai restaurant where Earl Brownes was Anyone been? What's it like? I hear there is a new Thai restaurant where Earl Brownes in Hythe... [Mon 1 March 2010]

Ice on the inside of my windscreen tonight Took ages to defrost my car, I need a heated screen... [Mon 4 January 2010]

Art exhibition at Cooks Hythe High Street [Sun 8 November 2009]

RE: Due day Meh, babies are rarely on time. Mine was born 10 days late (21st December 2008). Make the most of... [Sun 24 May 2009]

Due day No sign of action so far though [Sun 24 May 2009]

Emergency trip to hospital! No, not us, of course, still no sign of the baby yet, but poor bro-in-law. Accident at work and... [Sat 23 May 2009]

Google street view van spotted in Hythe Work chums say it just snapped them! [Thu 19 March 2009]

RE: I liked Pancho's Ooops, forgot to comment on Kai's... Only went there once (back in 1993 I think) but the food... [Thu 26 February 2009]

RE: I liked Pancho's Ahhh... The Scottish couple were I believe Mother and Son (lived in Dymchurch I think...) and... [Thu 26 February 2009]

I liked Pancho's The owners were Scottish weren't they? That was our restaurant of choice at that time, since it... [Tue 24 February 2009]

RE: Bar Vasa moving to Tontine Street? Paul, I responded on Twitter before reading the above linked post. Mmmmmm, I wonder if this is... [Tue 24 February 2009]

Bar Vasa moving to Tontine Street? Ah no they're running the bar at the #Quarterhouse [Mon 23 February 2009]

Sandbanks Restaurant, The Pavilion, Wear Bay Road - Sat 23rd Aug I haven't written one of these reviews for a while and, to be honest, I wondered whether I ever... [Wed 27 August 2008]

Signature Brides, Hythe I am opening a new bridal wear studio in Hythe on 9th September 2008, called Signature Brides.... [Mon 11 August 2008]

Sotirio's Restaurant, Hythe Woodo reports: Since my wife and I discovered Sotirios back in 1999 we have been regular... [Mon 2 June 2008]

Earl Brownes is closed now Haven't enjoyed it the last few times I went so I'm not really bothered, but we went past today... [Sat 10 May 2008]

The new 3 Mariners Went there today, very nice, all fancy and new and a few ales on too. No longer a Shepherd Neame,... [Sat 10 May 2008]

football match ... [Fri 8 February 2008]

I went, I saw, I even signed the guest book [Wed 19 December 2007]

Giant Dave Grohl Has anyone been over to the Art Exhibition at Hythe Road , just off the A20 near to Secret... [Wed 19 December 2007]

They are a bit good aren't they? You might be in luck though, Turner prize winning Mark "dress up like a bear and wonder about a... [Thu 13 December 2007]

RE: Art exhibition on Hythe Road Hmmm. I'd say that Folkestone's art scene needs to become significantly more derivative /... [Thu 13 December 2007]

Hythe Murder Mystery Dinner Hi, this site isn't connected with any of the organisers whose events are listed here, but I'd... [Mon 3 December 2007]

Murder Mystery night Hi, I live in Hythe, Nr. Folkestone and love murder mystery nights! My birthday is on the 16th... [Sun 2 December 2007]

Art exhibition on Hythe Road Kev Horton, local artist [Wed 21 November 2007]

Fullsome weekender Well I say full, full of pubs really. Friday night we stayed in, so as to have more energy for... [Mon 12 November 2007]

What no comments all week? Really? I am not a needy blogger, but come on... is there something up with the site? I know there... [Fri 5 October 2007]

RE: Scrap the licence fee Tosh. So a company they use to make programs spiced up a show, it's hardly earth shattering. And... [Fri 20 July 2007]

Scrap the licence fee The BBC are a bit annoying at the moment aren't they? If they're not punking the the queen with... [Fri 20 July 2007]

Tip top weekend For a change we didn't go to Canterbury , though we will be again this weekend. Made a proper... [Tue 22 May 2007]

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Tim's wine bar has now certainly changed! I dined there last week and I have to say that I could... [Thu 9 November 2006]

Oh dear what's happened to the style then? Been playing with PhpGedView while I had some time to play with PHP (which might help me with... [Wed 23 August 2006]

Nice long weekend in Sandgate, Folkestone, Hythe and Portchester FINE weekend, thank you far asking, good long weekend too, but a bit tiring. Thursday was... [Mon 31 July 2006]

Hythe Bay Normally excellent, and we had another wonderful meal. Redecoration has done it no harm as well.... [Tue 9 May 2006]

Folkestone - seventh best holiday resort in the UK From the Guardian : Sam Hill, spokeswoman for the Camping and Caravanning Club, which has an... [Fri 5 May 2006]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar We recently visited your restaurant for the first time and was amazed at the quality and... [Sun 6 November 2005]

P I A N O M E N U So farewell then Richard Whiteley . I wouldn't have thought this was front page lead story on... [Mon 27 June 2005]

A new bar / restaurant in Hythe Also went to Earl Brownes in Hythe yesterday, it's new, and it's quite swanky... an interesting... [Sun 26 June 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar My wife and I are regular visitors, only because the service, food and welcome is excellent. Peter [Wed 20 April 2005]

Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman Bill Gates and other communists - Richard Stallman [Thu 17 February 2005]

i must revisit some time...it's a bit difficult without a carmobile of my own. weird boulders and... [Tue 15 February 2005]

The sea defences have been much improved in the last year It's to stop erosion rather than big waves, but there are big boulders and groynes (I think... [Tue 15 February 2005]

but sandgate is best in the winter when very windy and tide is high and the road gets closed off and... [Mon 14 February 2005]

Sandgate Sandgate 's a nice suburb of Folkestone , my experience of it is just one road, running along... [Mon 14 February 2005]

The first rule about job club Google blogger sacked , don't talk about work kids... Great weekend with a visit to Folkestone... [Mon 14 February 2005]

You have to come up with an idea then it has to become popular, then you have to cash in on it at the right time. Easy eh? Best if... [Tue 18 January 2005]

well not much really - been fairly busy at work in the world of law. been doing lots of commercial... [Tue 18 January 2005]

It's so nice to have someone interested! No objections to the scaffolding, I wrote a letter to the other people in the block, one of them... [Tue 18 January 2005]

weddings evening pauly. so have you sorted much out for your WEDDING yet? have you considered letting... [Mon 17 January 2005]

UK Radio Aid "Today is the most extraordinary day ever in radio. Every commercial station in the UK is... [Mon 17 January 2005]

Timothys wine bar Timothys may have had some teething problems, but is now one of the best venues in Folkestone. I... [Sun 9 January 2005]

Will do it was definitely Zammo [Thu 6 January 2005]

RE: I don't really know the area too well Go find it, it was ace. [Thu 6 January 2005]

It was definitely him [Tue 14 December 2004]

RE: Zammo it so WAS him! [Tue 14 December 2004]

I don't really know the area too well Can't find any mention of it online... It was Zammo though. [Thu 9 December 2004]

RE: Zammo Is the topsy turvey house still in Hythe? It was tudor style. Used to go to the market in there... [Thu 9 December 2004]

Zammo Hythe, Kent [Thu 9 December 2004]

Did you go with Gary? "Gary Hawkins" who also posted spontaneous praise below? [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Hi everyone. I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar I have visited Timothy's Wine Bar twice now on my journeys through Folkestone and now will make a... [Fri 25 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Thanks for the comprehensive review of Timothy's Wine Bar. I found the review from a google... [Thu 24 June 2004]

.au - I saw that Good to hear from you, email me, pauly at clarkeology dot com [Thu 17 June 2004]

RE: Cheers man! well, yeah I guess you got me on that one but my excuse is I was a bit busy flying to the other... [Thu 17 June 2004]

Cheers man! Long time no hear! [Wed 16 June 2004]

RE: Big weekend then Congratulation on your engagement ! Very pleased for you both. Ryan (scottish git, you probably... [Wed 16 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gaby - where are you mate ? Got no answer ? C'mon, we could work together. Twatter. I should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gary - the review was not unfair. You were not at our table and didn't receive the service we... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Thanks for your feedback It's good to have a balanced viewpoint. I like how you deliberately made mistakes yourself there,... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Can i just first of all the review that you gave Timothy's is very unfair and that you should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Paul's When I mentioned, a few reviews back, that Folkestone was fast becoming a culinary wasteland I... [Wed 9 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar ... [Tue 8 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Last time I looked there were at least a couple of restaurants in London. So, unless you want to... [Mon 7 June 2004]

if a glass of sangria is 25 quid you certainly won't see me there! [Mon 7 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Reading your article has offended me, but you should know that if you publish facts you should be... [Sat 5 June 2004]

Nightmare! Don't forget we also got quite excited about Sylvester's and The Front and the relaunched... [Mon 17 May 2004]

Kapetan Michales I think I'm going to have stop eating out in Folkestone soon - we either seem to have a comically... [Mon 10 May 2004]

There is a nice big cupboard Actually it's a two bed flat, we're probably going to adopt her. [Wed 5 May 2004]


RE: Big weekend then We've finally gone and done it and are now on the web ! Congratulations on "the big weekend",... [Tue 4 May 2004]

Ducklets A lovely reminder of the weekend, some ducklets on the canal in Hythe : [Tue 4 May 2004]

Big weekend then Managed to fit quite a lot in the weekend, we completed on the flat so went round there and... [Tue 4 May 2004]

Very nice [Wed 14 April 2004]

this is maggie's bay in all its splendour oooh, the excitement [Wed 14 April 2004]

No no fiddling and not been to St Margaret's Bay or St Mary's Bay , though I think they were both mentioned... [Wed 14 April 2004]

did u fiddle with my message? there's something different about it. have you been to st margaret's bay? i remember being a... [Wed 14 April 2004]

No three eyed fish Dungeness was cool I thought, very peaceful and spacious. Whether that's because the only... [Wed 14 April 2004]

RE: Dungeness wow..it's been ages since ive been there. did u see any three eyed fish down dungeness? it's one... [Wed 14 April 2004]

Dungeness Apart from Chambers Beer Festival and Kapetan Michales (reviewed and to be reviewed on... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Folkestone property update No news on the flat , and no news on Clare 's brothers house in Hythe (though we had a sneaky... [Mon 12 April 2004]

An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Our matriarchal representative wrote a pretty fierce letter to Timothy's (possibly as stern as... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Folkestone is in danger of becoming a culinary wasteland. Sure, it has the usual collection of... [Tue 16 March 2004]

someone did get some popbitch passwords, how slack this is nice . [Mon 1 September 2003]

La Bamba Went to La Bamba Mexican restaurant in Hythe , the one that used to be called Panchos ...... [Sun 31 August 2003]

Doctor Doctor Had a great weekend, Chambers let me down a bit though, or I let it down, it was too smokey in... [Sun 31 August 2003]

Folkestone Weekender Booked into La Bamba Mexican Restaurant , Hythe which I just found via Hythe Live . I think... [Sat 30 August 2003]

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