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One good thing about the Fitbit Versa is it seems to be a bit sharper on automatically picking up on exercise. The old Fitbit did it but the new one kicks in when I start running and recognises what I'm up to. It keeps a live tally of average speed per mile and things. This morning I was up at six again and ran just a little further, past Twiss Road to Waitrose, before turning back. My average mile time today was nine minutes and ten seconds. Not fast, but the average time on Tuesday was nine minutes fifty, and the average on Sunday was ten minutes fifty. At this rate of change I will be breaking the world record in three weeks.

On the previous runs I did let the watch pick the finish by itself, so it probably includes my warm down, and today I stopped the clock when I started the warm down walk, so it only included the twenty five minute run. Also on Sunday I stopped to help the boy, who had fallen of his bike at around the half way point. Also (whole lot of mitigating factors here) I'm not sure how it is working out the distance, maybe GPS?

This was day three of week seven of Couch To 5K btw. The next run will be twenty eight minutes straight. Think I repeat that three times, then it's up to thirty minutes. Then back to couch again, no? Will I keep this up, doing thirty minutes three times a week, just getting faster and faster? Will I go running in Center Parcs? Almost certainly yes. Will I go running in New York? Will have to see about that, planning on travelling very light so probably won't take the right shoes. Will I hit my target of running to Unit One in West Hythe for a couple of ciders? I hope so, though surely the peak weather for visiting that venue has now past. Looks like it was 19th August when we visited previously, we must go again.

"One good thing" about the Fitbit Versa, only good thing maybe? Or is that too harsh? It's better than the old Fitbit in most ways, getting email notifications is good, being able to play music is good though the management of it is not good enough. Also changing the strap was very fiddly, and I'm not that confident about the battery life. I am not ready to recommend this watch, though they could fix a lot of it with some good software updates.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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