Blog2007 ≫ Fullsome weekender

Fairly action packed weekend for me really, surprise meal for Clare's folks for their ruby wedding on Friday, we went to [fg]The Jackdaw[/fg]. I had exotic mushroom paella, it was a bit dull really but a nice night out anyway. Most other people loved their food I think, though the vege options do tend to be not quite as interesting as they look on the menu, perhaps the menu there is just too big. Lots of Irish people (in our party), singing, we emptied the restaurant I think and probably can't go back there for a while.

Saturday, lunch in Canterbury at Pizza Express, then watched the rugby in the [fg]Brewery Tavern[/fg], great game and fantastic result. Then back for a wedding reception at [fg]Hythe Imperial[/fg], where I met Pandora Peroxide1, the real one, ex girlfriend of artist Ray Zell2 and sister of a friend of a friend. No food at the reception, so we went to the kebab shop on the way home, a particular rare occurence that one.

Sunday driving the outlaws to Gatwick, so we stopped in and had another [fg]Pizza Express[/fg]. I quite like Pizza Express.

More rugby last night, bad luck the Scotchland.

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