Blog2018 ≫ Quite a full day

Went to Hythe to get food for tea, their Mumbai Street Co frozen curry dishes for me, and even some for Thing One for tomorrow (see how that goes...), and pizza for them. Amazing you can get more than an adults daily allowance of calories, fat salt, etc for two quid.

Then swimming, mostly just larking about though, I got each of them practice the things they needed a little. Don't want them to forget their swimming during this long break.

Home, to fix the Wii (stopped recognising disks), put batteries in the Lego train, wash the sofa covers, do some crafts and puzzles, and soon stop and relax. Someone sat chocolate into the sofa, and this time it wasn't me.

I went to the Britannia last night instead of the Inn Doors, as there was an acoustic Beatles tribute on. No real cider on at the Brit unfortunately and only Shepherd Neame beers, but somehow I managed.

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