Blog2018 ≫ Immigration raid!

Went for haircuts in Hythe, to our usual place Old Town Barber. Well my usual place, I like it, though it's a bit trendy really so there is often a queue. A big group of people were leaving just as Thing One and I arrived, so I thought we were in luck. Then noticed the police inside and the the little "closed" sign being turned around. Someone passing said "immigration" and I thought she was just being racist assuming that. We walked up and down the street looking for an alternative, but the only one with no queue was the one who cut Thing Two's fringe so badly last time. By the time we walked back it was still closed but the barber signed "one minute" out the window so we waited. Seems everything was OK, though there were only two barbers in there rather than the usual four or five. Anyway upside is we were the first ones back in so front of the queue, which for a Saturday is fantastic. Good haircuts too!

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