Blog2010 ≫ Ice on the inside of my windscreen tonight

Took ages to defrost my car, I need a heated screen...

Took a while to defrost the car, still very icy and snowy out by Stanford / Westenhanger / Lympne / Hythe wherever the hell it is I'm supposed to say my office is... It's much icier than here at home, so by the time we'd got on the motorway the rest of the ice had melted. Hope the car is OK for the morning.

Still a bit thick with cold here, but The boy seems good now and so does Clare.

Getting ill for the first time I can remember (probably about a year) seems to coincide suspiciously with not drinking. Maybe this is just me going cold turkey or something? Anyway, four days now, all in a row mind. I think I will celebrate with a jam tart.

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