Back to the pub - The Three Mariners

Back to the pub - The Three Mariners

Lovely Sunday afternoon in the pub, to the Three Mariners in Hythe with a friend. A nice walk there, a few pints in the garden, and a nice walk back again. It rained a little, but we were under cover and we had garden heaters too, so we didn't even need our coats on. Was a truly lovely afternoon, like the pre-virus days.

This morning we did housework, even the boys. Clare went and got her first vaccination, and then grandpa picked the boys up. Tonight I think we're watching Honey I Shrunk The Kids[artist], as a nice little follow on to yesterday's [artist]Ghostbusters. We are fully educating them in the 1980s.

Was it really twenty-seven years ago today I first saw Oasis, at the Wedgewood Rooms. Time does fly doesn't it?

Country cases deaths
USA 33044068 589271
Brazil 14592886 401417
Mexico 2336944 215918
India 18754984 208313
UK 4414242 127502
Italy 4009207 120544
Russia 4796557 109731
France 5592390 104238
Germany 3379387 83338
Spain 3514942 78080
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Sun May 02 2021

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