Blog2018 ≫ Another day another run

A sort of run. Done day three of week one of couch to 5k this morning, up at 6am again today. Going to set my fitbit alarm for 6 every day to give myself a chance of getting up early.

Not a lot of running in the first week, it is a five minute walking warm up, seven one minute runs with ninety second breaks in between, and then another warm down. Today this took me from home to Sandgate and back then on towards Hythe to the first bridge and back.

Have started making a plan for a trip to Portchester and Portsmouth and Chessington around our birthday, so something for everyone in there.

Hmm I keep wanting to type "coach to 5k", couch is not a natural word for me to type.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

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