Blog2011 ≫ Not back in London today

missed the train so came in to the office instead...

I dreamed I missed the train, and I missed the train.

I was running a bit late, then got a call from Marc to say could we pick him up on the way, so decided we were in too much of a rush and we'd all get the next train instead. Then got hit in monster traffic in Sandgate, so missed the next train too, so we decided to head in to the office instead. Stopped on the way for a takeaway coffee in Hythe from Costa - not part of the chain who I am still boycotting but a cheekily named cafe. Very nice coffee!

LRUG was not brilliant yesterday, the talks were not that inspiring though the venue was good. We stayed for the talks, then missed th pub part of the evening, next time I will try and do it the other way round.

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