Blog2024 ≫ Runuary day 14

Rudely awoken by the supermarket delivery today. Late night last night for everyone at Jim's party. Told the boys "nothing to get up for in the morning", but then I was woken up by the banging on the door.

Party was ok, nice to see some people. Not very many people invited, so the space he was given was too big. Everyone congregated in the bar. No-one ate the food, shocking amount of waste. Could probably have told everyone "come to this bar" instead and saved about a grand! It was never meant to be "a party" it was supposed to be a meal but there were just too many people for anyone venue to seat us. I think the birthday boy had a good time. I would have found it more fun if it weren't a not drinking time of year of course.

Got Clare to drop me in West Hythe this morning as she was going shopping anyway, then I can just run back to make the route slightly different. Cold out but busy with lots of other runners and walkers. I'm nearly half done now.

Might try out my new hedge trimmer this afternoon. But, it is cold, so I might not. I do need to go back to Tesco so will see if I can get any food bargains going at closing time.

Light cloud and a gentle breeze, -1 - 5℃.

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