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Peene, Folkestone

Plus my first time (of many) of seeing Atom Seed. Happy new year! Pretty sure we slept at Waterloo station after this gig and got a train back in the morning. I think one of the other bands on the bill were New England, no-one of note afaik. 105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1990-12-31 1990]

Was on a Nixdorf training course in Hounslow, turned up too late for support band Wolfsbane, and anyway we had no tickets, but got given some by someone outside, I am sure it was Tommy Vance. Apparently we saw Jonathon King there too. Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH 020 8563 3800 [1990-10-18 1990]

Found the ticket now! I went to the gig on my own, then got the last train up to Rugby, where I was staying for college while on my HNC with Nixdorf. Can't find details anywhere online (so far). Much stage diving, one of my favourite ever gigs.
Thinking about this nearly 25 years later I'm not quite sure how I did this. Must have been a Sunday night, so I'd have left home in Portchester on the Sunday afternoon and got the train up as usual to Rugby, via London. But decided to stop in London and go to this gig, and then carry on up to Rugby after.
I do remember it being great, and being stage diving crazy. I have a clear memory of being up on the stage and preparing to throw myself back into the crowd yet again, when a young couple (a boy and a girl) grabbed my shoe; they were annoyed at the stagediving, as I would be now. I remember even what I was wearing, a t-shirt with my green plaid shirt over the top, with skinny black jeans and my massive nike trainers. At the time metallers wore tight jeans and big trainers and mine were nike white basketball boots with purple detail on. I think I had pink laces on mine.
What was I thinking to go to a gig like this midway between home and my digs in Rugby? After the gig I still had to go on to Euston, then train up to Rugby, possibly changing at Coventry, and then walk across Rugby to the digs where I was staying...
105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1991-10-06 1991]

Last gig ever! Played some great sets, the gig seemingly got chopped short, we left to the ghostly strains of We'll Meet Again... I hope we do.

UPDATE: we did, Suede reformed.
157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2003-12-13 2003]

The boy done a poo What a big clever boy, he did a poo in the toilet today. I thought you'd like to know. Clare did... [Tue 22 November 2011]

Remote toilet training Both at work today as usual for a Monday so we have packed Harry off to Granny's with his toilet... [Mon 21 November 2011]

Toilet training We're doing toilet training this week, yesterday started well, mostly because we were taking... [Sun 20 November 2011]

The greatest shoes never made THE TRAINERS from Back To The Future II! GREAT SCOTT! That's Back To The Future II with an... [Fri 16 September 2011]

Selenium training all day Makes a change. Selenium is automated web testing, Magnetic Reason are in training us. I've... [Mon 5 September 2011]

Where did my holiday go (part six)? Man alive been back at work two days already and it feels like longer. Lots of stuff to do. The... [Tue 23 August 2011]

Where did my holiday go (part something, out of sequence)? Look at that castle over there... [Sat 20 August 2011]

Yes it is One way train travel is ok... [Mon 4 April 2011]

Train from Gloucester to Stanstead (one way) I am planning to spend about 4 days in Gloucester/Cotswold area in late June before traveling... [Mon 4 April 2011]

You feed beef burgers to swans Cannibal pig rescued in Gosport... [Mon 4 April 2011]

Dinosaurs at the museum Great weekend, long weekend, started off with a bonus half day. Realised at Friday lunchtime that... [Sun 6 March 2011]

Badger and apple sauce Saw a badger, and Harry is talking A LOT now. [Thu 27 January 2011]

Don't talk to me about Boris bikes... My key just does not work, will I ever get another go on one of those bikes? [Thu 13 January 2011]

Not back in London today missed the train so came in to the office instead... [Tue 11 January 2011]

Made it to London and back in the snow (part one). Had a great time [Sun 19 December 2010]

Last train journey to work I suspect I will never see chicken van man now... [Wed 18 August 2010]

House contract is signed We can't really move within the week though can we? [Wed 28 July 2010]

Another scorcher today Have a good weekend all, remember the sunblock [Fri 9 July 2010]

Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! [flickr][/flickr] We went OUT last... [Wed 30 June 2010]

Puzzles du jour Getting some email alerts when things that I have written go wrong at work ... not my fault, I... [Wed 9 June 2010]

Wait a moment... I have to DRIVE somewhere later, that's not right! [Fri 16 April 2010]

Instant Karma's gonna get you It feels like only yesterday I was bragging about how good the trains were! [Thu 11 February 2010]

Surprised at how much snow is around Train home seems to have been a better bet than car though. [Wed 10 February 2010]

What did they move the station for? Had to RUN for my train, I'm sure Westenhanger has got further away [Mon 25 January 2010]

Thanks to everyone who helped get the message through yesterday Everyone made it into work on time. [Mon 25 January 2010]

High Speed rail link is live today So all timetables have changed, look out! [Mon 14 December 2009]

Folkestone to London High Speed Rail Link trial has started Anyone tried it yet? [Tue 8 September 2009]

Eurotunnel FAIL Passengers stuck for hours in tunnel [Thu 27 August 2009]

Tiring day Learnt how to do disciplinaries though, that might come in handy... [Thu 20 August 2009]

Folkestone gets the high speed rail service next month 7th September says the BBC! [Thu 13 August 2009]

RE: Training day yesterday u should make a formal complaint about not providing suitable sustenance at the training. Good... [Thu 30 July 2009]

Training day yesterday Bit busy to blog these days unfortunately :-( Was in training at Port Lympne yesterday, not... [Wed 29 July 2009]

Can only find first class high speed rail travel from Folkestone to London so far Expensive! [Fri 3 July 2009]

RT @renyard mpressed with the new high speed train. Taken 45 mins off my commute! So it's all up and running now? Folkestone next! [Thu 2 July 2009]

High speed rail link timetables out Draft timetable anyway see... [Fri 8 May 2009]

New High Speed Rail (draft) timetable released today Thanks @robsilsbury for the tip, still says under an hour from Folkestone to London! [Fri 8 May 2009]

and then my ear exploded in a shower of blood (in a dream) [Fri 27 March 2009]

Death at Westenhanger :-( No new details, just a link [Wed 11 March 2009]

High Speed Rail Link services from Chartham to London There will be... none. Chartham is not far from Canterbury , and the existing peak services... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Knock on effects of the high speed rail link 853blog talks about knock on effects of the high speed rail link, how when our trains start... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Back on the house train As just mentioned, we've kickstarted our house hunt again, starting with three viewings... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Something to push my desperate ticket touting from the top of the blog Terrible day of trains yesteray, have been training it in most of the week as my friend and... [Fri 14 November 2008]

More camera strangeness I had a burst of five emails in a row from the camera, not sure if it's when I'd tweaked with the... [Wed 8 October 2008]

Bullet train does London to Ashford in 32 minutes rail news has the details , that's nice, but when you think about it that's not really all that... [Wed 11 June 2008]

Wahey thanks [Thu 3 April 2008]

RE: Anyone care to leave a message in English? Ok.. the Orient Express trundled into the Harbour station this afternoon, which was a surprise... [Thu 3 April 2008]

Anyone care to leave a message in English? I'm losing track of what's going on here... [Thu 3 April 2008]

Folkestone Central and Folkestone West to get high speed trains (but not Sandling) This info from this week's KM Extra free sheet , but has been made public by Southeastern... [Fri 14 March 2008]

That must be it but WEIRD that the estate agent didn't know anything about it... [Wed 23 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury The secret room most likely doesn't comply with building regulations, so cannot be advertised as... [Wed 23 January 2008]

That one's a bit small so we've not been to see it We did go see a three bed place right across the road from there that was nice, but also a bit... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: West is best right now too well i think generally speaking, the victoria trains tend to go from East - that's the line that... [Mon 21 January 2008]

West is best right now too The wife ideally wants to go to Victoria, but just about anywhere in London is good, and that's... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: It looks like West is best for London, long term well i think it depends on whereabouts in london you want to end up? personally I would think... [Mon 21 January 2008]

It looks like West is best for London, long term But it's hard to be sure, that's why we don't want to be too far from either. You've not been... [Sun 20 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury which train station would you need to get into london - east or west? how big a house do you want? [Sun 20 January 2008]

Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury Saw five houses today in Canterbury , have a map with details of the things we saw. Clare's out... [Sat 19 January 2008]

Festive Fun Welcome back after the christmas break, hope you had a good one. We did, felt a bit quiet though,... [Thu 27 December 2007]

Weekend train fun Planning a little trip to Winchester tomorrow evening, to catch up with old friends and have a... [Thu 15 November 2007]

Folkestone bullet train trial A micro-writeup and picture here in the Evening SubStandard on the high speed rail link . Yeah... [Wed 3 October 2007]

RE: You sound proper hardened! Nothing went wrong, far from it. I've really enjoyed working here and the people are great... [Fri 7 September 2007]

You sound proper hardened! Did something go wrong at the new job or are you just following the money? [Thu 6 September 2007]

RE: All sounds a bit "non standard" to me Bah, Open Source just means fixing someone else's bugs :) Going back isn't quite so cool in this... [Thu 6 September 2007]

All sounds a bit "non standard" to me Yeah, the more javascript you get to do the better, but I'm not into flash , like I'm not into... [Wed 5 September 2007]

RE: You've not been there long have you? I'm being dull and heading back to the IT consultancy I used to work for. We're going to start... [Wed 5 September 2007]

You've not been there long have you? Where are you off to next? [Tue 4 September 2007]

RE: Train news Working in a bank we have quite a nice pension, although it isn't one of those magical final... [Tue 4 September 2007]

Train news Another strike, and a record breaking Eurostar trip [Tue 4 September 2007]

Ooh lightning strike! No trains from Folkestone for the forseeable, because of a lighting strike over night, we do get... [Tue 21 August 2007]

Passengers to be weighed before getting on trains From This Is London : Train operator Southeastern is linking the suspension of its carriages to... [Mon 16 April 2007]

"We call those first carriages up the 'ghost train' as there is hardly anyone on it this far down the line" Some stuff about frozen commuter trains ... that ghost carriage is the one we normally sit in... [Thu 25 January 2007]

RE: Peene Railway Museum Good luck with getting a gig, but this site is not affilliated with the railway museum, nor any... [Fri 1 December 2006]

Peene Railway Museum Dear sir,I see by your site you put on live music-would you ever consider putting on live jazz... [Thu 30 November 2006]

I thought things looked funny from the train last night Looking out of my window I could see lots of lorries queued up in the dark, I thought it was the... [Wed 29 November 2006]

Yeah same login everywhere I'm writing a game, I'm using drupal to handle logging in etc, the forum, and the content... [Wed 8 November 2006]

RE: Nice wow - I installed drupal on one of the Fasthosts boxes - it looks fab! Not sure why I haven't... [Wed 8 November 2006]

Nice I might replace this whole blog system with something like drupal... Not sure about every page... [Wed 8 November 2006]

RE: no it redirects you to that page if there's an error aha - pesky timeouts. I only bought this G5 so I could type quicker - dual pentiums couldn't keep... [Tue 7 November 2006]

no it redirects you to that page if there's an error /blog/25/45/ or something like that, that was my error page, better change that! If the script... [Tue 7 November 2006]

RE: redirected where? Sorry - that 'here' was meant to be a link but I used html rather than bbcode and forgot to come... [Tue 7 November 2006]

redirected where? Still on the blog? It's not like PB that's redirecting people to the news admin page when they... [Tue 7 November 2006]

RE: Train times did not work out well at all by the way - I got redirected here after posting that. [Tue 7 November 2006]

RE: Train times did not work out well at all I like Drupal too - it 'kinda 'just works'. Probably lots of code to write if you want to funk... [Tue 7 November 2006]

Train times did not work out well at all The work is good though, I'm quite getting into Drupal , the content management system and so... [Tue 7 November 2006]

The Gay Train New video of a song by my friends MJ Hibbett and the Validators video is by Rob Manuel ,... [Wed 18 October 2006]

Folkestone on popbitch Not real popbitch (ie the popbitch newsletter ), just something someone just posted on the... [Mon 18 September 2006]

RE: Cheers, sounds good Yep. It is a tech head they are looking for. I dont imagine it pays enough though... [Thu 3 August 2006]

Cheers, sounds good I specifically do the database / back end / interactive stuff rather than graphic design though.... [Thu 3 August 2006]

RE: Systems development type stuff I know what you mean. I would find it very hard to give up my job in London so I hope the... [Thu 3 August 2006]

Systems development type stuff Mostly web based, my CV is here , going to cover the site with "job wanted" ads too... Hoping to... [Thu 3 August 2006]

RE: You don't really want me to comment on the West Wing do you..? I'm sorry to hear about your job. I will keep my ears open and your right I didn't want you to... [Thu 3 August 2006]

You don't really want me to comment on the West Wing do you..? Good luck with your approach, it looks to me like they must need people. I'll check out your... [Thu 3 August 2006]

RE: Woo, good luck and well done Hey Paul, Nice to meet you this morning. I spoke to the creative foundation this morning who... [Thu 3 August 2006]

RE: Weird traininess thing going on I like the idea of zoomr, but I couldn't be bothered moving my pics from flickr. [Tue 1 August 2006]

You'll have to post something every day The cookie will expire again in 24 hours I think. I'll either have to make it longer, or give you... [Tue 1 August 2006]

Woo, good luck and well done I think all the contact details you need will be on the Creative Foundation website , but please... [Tue 1 August 2006]

RE: That's not Charlie Dimmock you're right - so it has done. and yes, that isnt charlie dimmock and i was right the first... [Tue 1 August 2006]

RE: Weird traininess thing going on Hi There, I just spied your web log today after looking around for something to show me how I... [Tue 1 August 2006]

That's not Charlie Dimmock It's Kaddy , Kent area weather girl and TV presenter. There should be cookies for all, cookies... [Tue 1 August 2006]

RE: Weird traininess thing going on so i was thinking that totally looks like charlie dimmock. i then realised it was charlie... [Tue 1 August 2006]

Weird traininess thing going on Got on the train at stupid o'clock as usual this morning to hear an announcement apologising for... [Tue 1 August 2006]

RE: Train fun Amazed you got through this post without mentioning it was your (and you're wife's) birthday! [Sat 29 July 2006]

Train fun Got diverted today and had to change trains at Orpington. I really could have done with the sleep... [Thu 27 July 2006]

Oh no, that's good for Dover but with Dover being so much cheaper everyone who might have bought in Folkestone will buy there... [Fri 14 July 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link I saw on Meridian News today that the HSR is now going all the way to Dover Priory - good news... [Fri 14 July 2006]

It's hard to tell Might not be a change of trains, might be like it is now coming from Charing Cross to Folkestone... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: Including a change of trains Which means that the HSR isn't coming to Folkestone then, only as far as Ashford? Confusing innit! [Sun 25 June 2006]

Including a change of trains And a short wait to meet up with another service I reckon... a lot of these numbers are guesses... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link Umm... 36mins from London to Ashford - then 26.5 from Ashford to Folkestone? It's only 15mins by... [Sun 25 June 2006]

The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link From 24 Dash : From 2009, the trains will run between London 's King's Cross station and... [Sat 24 June 2006]

Trains and IPODs Our train ground to a halt this morning at Orpington, and had to be rebooted. That's the most... [Wed 10 May 2006]

Off to Twickenham today It's going to take a while to get there (gotta get a bus to Ashford ), but not this long I don't... [Sat 18 March 2006]

Looks good doesn't it [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: I'm a morning person!!!! Ah-ha! I'm liking that streaming wotsit... [Wed 18 January 2006]

I'm a morning person!!!! Who was that clown on the train this morning - was it you? He was muttering to himself when there... [Mon 16 January 2006]

Lone Star Comedy RON VAUDRY (Intelligent, witty and sardonic, Ron Vaudry is the thinking man's comedian. A... [Wed 5 October 2005]

Dover to Folkestone train line reopens 5th September So says ... [Tue 2 August 2005]

Four Men On A Train Not a bad journey in today, except for Four Men On A Train sat on the table next to us who... [Thu 21 July 2005]

For the more discerning street drinker... [Sun 22 May 2005]

Not to forget The Wimpy OK Pauly didn't go there, but a burger bar that serves Stella in a milkshake cup with staws can't... [Sat 21 May 2005]

re train journey times In the morning it is a little quicker - I change at Faversham and... [Sat 14 May 2005]

Hey welcome aboard How do the times compare then? Going into Victoria sounds like it ought to be faster somehow. I'm... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Train Times Re Dover - we at least have the option of trains to... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Rugby weekend JOYOUS journey to Twickenham on Saturday morning, looks like being on the 09.30 from... [Tue 10 May 2005]

Folkestone train times Folkestone trains are a bit messed up for the whole summer ( 2005 ), possibly the next six... [Tue 3 May 2005]

All sounds a bit modern to me I think I've got this sorted so I can get the same train in and home again as Clare, that was the... [Tue 5 April 2005]

correction WORK would pay. you wouldnt have to stay so late. work could probably do some swanky tax claim... [Tue 5 April 2005]

oh right, but then I'd have to pay [Tue 5 April 2005]

Cheers, there are so many options! [Tue 5 April 2005]

ok so they're not the GLC and dont sing about your mother having a penis, but i like them and their... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Whose network do I connect to on the train then? Folkestone train doesn't have it's own network yet, there are plans afoot somewhere to introduce... [Tue 5 April 2005]

well im going to the athlete gig. v excited. ION, weather's going to be bad. no shepherd's pie. also, why... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Some Girls Keep forgetting to mention that soon we are going to see Some Girls at the Gielgud Theatre , a... [Tue 5 April 2005]

I used to do Clerkenwell-Cannon Street and it's pretty easy - 521 bus from Chancery Lane tube/ Holborn Viaduct, or failing that, I think a 17 does ... I used to do Clerkenwell-Cannon Street and it's pretty easy - 521 bus from Chancery Lane tube/... [Mon 4 April 2005]

Folkestone train times Investigating train times ... hoping to find a way of getting home without having to go to... [Mon 4 April 2005]

Stoke Newington Train Times Live departure boards from Stoke Newington , that's quite a handy little page... Also... [Tue 7 September 2004]

Mani 1122 Manchester to London Train [Tue 13 July 2004]

Daniel Beddingfield On a central line train in London [Wed 26 May 2004]

Trains, tubes, and flats. Turd of a journey in this morning, the Victoria line is out completely, which meant the train... [Wed 10 March 2004]

Trains are not so good today... Heading down to Folkestone after work, will skip lunch to get out early... Been sent details... [Tue 30 December 2003]

Steve Punt 11:27 Manchester to Euston train [Mon 14 July 2003]

`Tommy' from Trainspotting Dean Street. Soho. London. 13:30. [Mon 7 July 2003]

Easyworld Edinburgh Train Station [Thu 17 October 2002]

Terry Waite A Train [Tue 17 September 2002]

Dougie - or at least I think it was... On the train from Macclesfield to Manchester [Fri 18 January 2002]

Bobby Gillespie A train [Fri 6 July 2001]

Annoy more people on the train Got some more ringtones... [Fri 30 March 2001]

Norris McWhirter (bloke from Record Breakers) On the train [Sat 6 January 2001]

Steven Pastel (him of the Pastels) Waterloo to Staines (via Hounslow) train [Fri 8 September 2000]

John Cooper Clarke Train from Chelmsford to Lunnun [Tue 5 September 2000]

someone from B*Witched on a train, Gatwick airport [Mon 4 September 2000]

david ryder-prangley reading-london paddington train [Fri 1 September 2000]

That french bloke who runs the millennium dome On the train from London Waterloo to Southampton [Fri 25 August 2000]

PopEx Coo! "No news for bluddy ages" shocker... [Tue 13 June 2000]

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This is my personal , so if you search here for pubbing or other places you will only find train pubs / venues I have been to or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you are interested in a more general search Please try train on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international venues...

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