Blog2005 ≫ There's a high speed rail link on the way

Not due for completion until 2009 though, should knock 40 minutes off the journey time... I'm pretty sure I know which tennant it is who's put the sign up, as they've put the same signs in their front window. There's only 4 flats in the block, don't want to start getting into legal tussles with anyone, but I'm checking with the other tennants what the position is...

Not online at home right now, otherwise we could check the weather.

Just had a KICK IN THE BAWS from Sky, they can't put the dish up today. There are other dishes up on the building, but it looks like they were all done at once by the same contractor, so the Sky guy thinks there might be a problem. We have to find out if one of them is ours, and if so which one. If we have one, we need permission to replace it with a Sky+ dish, and if there's not one for us we need permission to put one up... why can nothing be simple?

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