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Suddenly got problems with the shower in the flat. No not the flat, but the one we live in now in Stokey, no water pressure at all, though the rest of the taps are fine... what can this mean? I hope it's not that there's a leak somewhere. I checked the only external bit for blockages, the rest of it's all tiled in and sealed and that, the only option seems to be to move out. It never occurred to me before just how important the shower is, and I've not checked it at all in the new flat, fingers crossed all is cool...

Inspector Sands caused all the barriers to be suddenly opened and everyone rushed through with no ticket checks at Liverpool Street Station today, what a good chum to fare dodgers... got a "Would Inspector Sands report to the station reception" message over the tannoy, and we had THE FEAR that the whole place would be evacuated when we were in a hurry... but no, we got to the tube smoothly, so I am in early, and can leave early to make the most of the Goldie Lookin' Chain gig tonight! Looking forward to it a lot, hope the sound is better than the last couple of shows... Just heard a cheeky rumour that they and The Darkness might be duetting on a cover of "Walk This Way" too, hmm... Also, more free Goldie Lookin' Chain MP3 here: - it's the track Motherfokker you want.

Might be going to see The French (the new band made up from two of the guys from Hefner) at the Water Rats. Ooh, and there's free after show drinks for David Devant next week! Things are looking good!

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