Blog2005 ≫ This week's transport rubbishness

This week's bad thing was her train from Charing Cross being cancelled last night, so she was 40 mins late home. Poor flower! My journey was fine, except that I was concerned that I was on the wrong train when she didn't meet me at Ashford. I even spoke to a fellow commuter to see!

Annoyinglyy IPOD is getting bummier and bummier, the battery runs down as if it was playing, even if it's turned off, so if it's charged in the morning it doesn't quite last me until I get home. What am I to do? I've had it over two years now, and I don't think I've had a personal stereo last this long or be used this much, so it's not so bad, but if I can get the battery replaced it might be worth it... Clare's after getting a personal stereo now, maybe an ipod mini1, though we also like these little sony nw-e5001's, a couple of friends have got them and they're SMART, and Clare wants a radio for some reason. For not much more than that price you get 6 times the capacity with an ipod mini1. ALTHOUGH battery life is better than I thought on the Sony. Anyone got any tips?

Thanks for the emails, but posted responses are always nice! Even if it's just to say hi?

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