Smashed my park run 5k personal best

Smashed my park run 5k personal best

Some good news to start the weekend at least, I got a 23'16 in my park run 5k. I do not see a correlation at all between not drinking this week and getting down to that, compared with running with a slight hangover and being two minutes slower the week before. This is a ridiculous difference.

Friday night without going to the Inn Doors was OK. Was not in bed too late, this also helped with the exercise the next morning. Did get a phone call about my Nan having taking a turn for the worse, no-one could wake her on Friday and she had been even more confused. So waited to see how it was the next day, then headed there on Saturday morning.

Long train journey but eventually got to see her and she was improved, awake and relatively lucid. Not great though, she seems very unhappy. unsurprisingly really. Back to mum and dad's for a very nice curry, then early to bed and late to wake up - I slept for over twelve hours for the first time in recent memory. Then back to see Nan at the hospital again, she had had the scan we were expecting but no results yet. Then sprinting back for the train, and a five hour journey home again.

Lovely to see everyone, super flying visit. Hope to see them all again soon, Nan especially.

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Tue Jan 08 2019