Blog2010 ≫ Forgot we had family trying to fly right now

They are on a monster trek back from Ireland right now

Not flapping their arms and running round the garden, but booked on a flight back from Ireland in the morning, which is now grounded. They've been told there are no flights because the volcanic ash is affecting radar, not the dust in the engines story everyone's saying here. They might be able to get a flight on Monday, but they might not. So, they've managed to get on the last ferry out of Dodge and will be trekking home via train after that. This means I will have to drive them back up to Gatwick where their car is parked. Hope I still have time to go to this boot fair.

Friday tea tonight, not sure why. We have a bit of a routine of dinners, Thursday is usually chilli and Friday is a sort of vege mixed grill and beans, nice and easy just all in the oven. Today we have switched, which will be confusing. I think this means I get to start the weekend early, have my Friday night beer at the very least.

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