Blog2012 ≫ QCon

I'm at QCon1 for most of this week, did a day of jquery mobile yesterday. Today was all sold out, but I'm back again tomorrow until Friday. Did the slow train yesterday, as it's over the Charing Cross side of town, but tomorrow I'm going back on the High Speed. It just felt too slow, plodding through all the small stations. It doesn't actually get us there and back much quicker, especially when you tally in the tube journey across town, but then the price is not that different now either. My slow return was over fifty quid yesterday, it ought to be a lot cheaper than the high speed I think...

Was nice to walk from Charing Cross to the conference, past Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey etc. Will miss that a bit tomorrow if I'm tubing it direct to Westminster, ah well.

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