Blog2005 ≫ What a day to stop getting the tube

OK I stopped getting the tube last week, but yesterday was travelcard renewal day, and I got just the train part and no tube, saving me fifty quid! But it's booting it down at rain, so I've hd to put my big coat on. Then at Cannon Street the rain had stopped, and there were armed police everywhere, I had THE FEAR I would be shot for dressing suspiciously. Well, not really, but I did feel conspicuous. I hope there's not been specific information about a threat today.

Still enjoying my walk from Cannon Street to Farringdon, I go past some interesting old buildings, or at least the sites of them, including the Saracen's Head Tavern (now a police station) and Newgate prison (now, um, I'm not sure). There are plaques and everything. Still, Clare gets to see squirrels, they're bounding right up to her feet, bless!

Also, ARGH! SEVEN DAYS TO THE WEDDING! It's starting to sink in now. Still got a few tasks to do, juggling the list of people who're getting the bus is one of them that's causing me a headache. Also I'm drawing a table plan for the venue so people can see what table is where without having to go round looking for a little name place. Back in the day it's the sort of thing I would have knocked out really quickly in Corel Draw1, but it's been a long time since I did anything designy. So, downloaded the newest version of GIMP2 (don't worry, it's not a bondage site) and it's great. Bit complex though, so so far I've just managed to draw the walls of the room. But I'm getting there...

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