Blog2007 ≫ The Lesson Of The Smiths

I forgot to say, recently I bought a single, an EP in fact, and it's great, and you should get it too1.I was reminded of this by this email update from [MJ Hibbett23:

Our EXCITING new single, "The Lesson Of The Smiths/The Gay Train" came out last month, and has been bobbing along rather nicely with quite a bit of radio play and some very kind words spread over the interweb. If you want to read some of them, or indeed PURCHASE the single itself, you'll find all you need to know here1, including a link to the iTunes version, with the Special B-side "Hey Hey 64K". Call me biased if you will, but I think it's all Quite Good!

Also recently I got records by Kings of Leon, Mark Ronson, and The Manics, in descending order of how good I think they are.

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