Blog2005 ≫ XMLHttpRequest Working Examples

Pid1 sends me this directory of XMLHTTPRequest examples2, from fiftyfoureleven.com3, cheers. Having rolled out my band selecter all over the place (as a way of selecting a venue, an event, a board, anything from the database) I'm after writing one for and too. But no need, I expect they're already here!

Smooth commute in today, a nice modern train. Crossed my first book last night5, a free copy of Vegetarian London4 that I got from Antimony. Good luck finding it, I bet it's gone in the bin already.

As expected, the woman on Property Ladder last night was very annoying, and made lots of bad calls, though she was persuaded to reign some of them in. Good to see she didn't fluke a big profit, she didn't deserve one, wish I had a friend who would buy me houses to mess about with. OOH, the bungalow, nearly forgotten it existed. Might exchange this week!

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