Blog2018 ≫ Hopefully the last 5am gym start

Up at 5am to get down to the sports centre to sign the boys up to their oversubscribed gym classes. Actually got there at 5.30 after faffing about, forgot my book, forgot my glasses, etc. I was ninth in the queue, and thinking if each person is signing up two kids I could be in trouble; the most popular class only holds fifteen I think.

There were another four behind me by 5.40. Thirteen behind me by 5.50. Some of these are likely to miss out.

By the time the desk opened at 6.30 there were probably thirty behind me in the queue. The system is changing now, so everyone who got signed in today gets preferential treatment next time. You can rebook and you don't have to queue again.

The boys are done for another term, and I am another hundred quid poorer.

I tried to go for a run after that, managed two laps of the park but just couldn't get into it. It felt much harder doing repeating laps, I should have worked out a better route. Will go again at lunch time before taking Clare for her train, then kicking back and enjoying my afternoon off...

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