Blog2006 ≫ The Gay Train

New video of a song12 by my friends MJ Hibbett and the Validators3

video is by Rob Manuel4, of b3ta5 fame.

All stop watching it, so it streams more smoothly for me... More Hibbett updates, courtesy of his newsletter:

ITEM! After months of hard work (honest!) by myself and ESPECIALLY the mighty Mr Rob Manuel, the follow-up to the "Hey Hey 16K" video6 is finally finished and available to download. It's a live-action Proper Music Video for our song "The Gay Train" and I must say it is Really Quite Good - it's available at, with details of how to watch it on YouTube, Google Video or Myspace. There is much DANCING.

ITEM! All this week I'm appearing on Last Night From Glasgow8 performing a different song every night. There's a few old favourites and a couple of Exclusive Tracks too, see what you think!

ITEM! While we're at it, here's an update on this month's gigs, with a change of venue in Reading tonight and a new London gig for next week:

Having already done one good deed for the day, in rescuing a load of food from the inlaws fast defrosting broken freezer, and given it a new home in ours, I am now off to give blood9...

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