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The TV Go Home Book fetches big bucks on ebay... well relatively, I'm going to sell mine and can probably expect 30 quid... Thanks the popbitch board for that little insight. I also just learned that you can read Tommyland online. For free!

Last night's journey home was an absolute pooer. Monday night Clare and I stayed in town, as yesterday was her AGM and she needed to get an early start. SO, we got a nice hotel, overlooking Buck House. Full English was provided, so I had a help-myself-plateful of hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, and toast. Very welcome indeed! Could barely manage a lunch, but forced down some hummus sammidges mid afternoon. Glad I did as we were held up on a train, power was cut somewhere around Sevenoaks, so we had to wait there for ages, took THREE AND A HALF HOURS to get home in the end. Sometimes commuting is not fun. AND the batteries ran out on all my gadgets, man I nearly had to read a book. So glad I wasn't hungry, I would have had to start on the squirrel nuts in Clare's bag.

BTW this is not me: new pauly online.

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Wed Nov 16 2005

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