Blog2005 ≫ I have a dream

No not a good dream at all, I dreamt that I sold Clare's engagement ring, not just for less than it's worth, but the money I got for it all turned out to be fake. When I was half awake this morning I thought it was true and was so upset and confused... why would I do this? What does it mean? Am I forecasting a future where we are short of money and have to sell stuff off? I'm sorry lover, I will sell one of my livers before we have to sell your ring!

Also sleep related, I woke up with the words "power cut!" just as I was drifting off last night, not sure why, I think it was another dream, I thought there'd been a power cut in our block and I'd better say something. I blame the Chilean wine we had yesterday. Been having a glass of wine most nights recently, and tending towards more expensive bottles - over a fiver at times, I never knew wine could cost this much. Got this one on special, it wasn't so nice as the collapso we've been enjoying recently and I blame it for addling my brane. Slept like a baby on the train in this morning. But without the crying or soiling myself.

Sacrificed the last ten minutes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall's latest outing River Cottage Road Trip last night to watch "Squirrel Island". Nice enough, but I really prefer grey squirrels.

Some coding jobs today, going to improve the addition of Amazon links into the forum on popex, so trialling it here.

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