Blog2006 ≫ Squirrel plants super walnut tree

A lovely gardening story1, not that much squirrel content actually. Now onto the weekend review!

We went to Rye, and it is nice. We mooched around some very very old buildings and shops and things, and had a look inside [abe]Henry James[/abe]' house, and did all the pubs we could find. Had a slightly iffy pint of 1066 in the first two pubs we went to (will be back later with the names I'm sure), and then good pints of Otter in the next two, then on to dinner at a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass. Rye is a pretty sleepy place at the time we started thinking about dinner, everything was shut by 5pm (on the Saturday), we really thought we'd be in the restaurant on our own. We turned up for our table at 7.30 and the place was heaving already. Food was quite good, starters of "waffle baskets" were nice and light and a bit different, then my main of some tofu and beans thing was very good, but the meat in Clare's chicken and cashew was a bit ropey. When it came time to get the bill we were in a hurry, so had to ask our waitress, rather than waiting for them to ask. She said OK, but then just ignored us, when we chased it up again she'd done NOTHING! This meant we missed our train (by seconds), which meant waiting an hour for the next train, and the later train didn't connect with a train at Ashford, there would have been another hour to wait there, so we had to get a cab. I didn't tip in the restaurant, and if I return I won't tip next time. To try and make up for the inconvenience and expense, when I have children they won't tip there either, neither will my children's children.

One more really dull thing, even duller than everything else I post up here. This weekend we EMPTIED THE WASHING BASKET! I'm sure we moved into this place with a full washing basket, and I moved into Clare's place in Stokey with a full washing basket, I thought I'd die without ever getting to the bottom of it. But this weekend we did it! Now we have nowhere to put all these clothes, maybe it's time to ship a load out to the charity shop...

I got an email today:

Assuming that you are not connected with Divine Leisure, are you aware that their phone is cut off and they ignore emails. They appear to have been taking money and not supplying the orders, as has happened in my case. As I can get no response and promises of delivery have not been kept I am about to take legal action against them and against the owners personally. Such activities incur personal and criminal and not just civil corporate liability.

A bit threatening! I am not connected with them, and am glad we didn't get our table there now. We played a stack at the weekend, and I did lose muchly.

Bit less dull, ABC starts streaming full episodes today2, including Lost, here's how to watch if you're outside the USA3. Both from

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