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Just found out the date of this from an ebay listing for the limited single they gave away at the gig! I wen to loads of Under Neath What gigs but I don't have evidence for many of them...

Met Bam from Dogs D'Amour at this gig I think.
105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1989-11-10 1989]

ebay electronics sale We are having a January Sale at the moment and have put up 20 of our popular items for auction... [Wed 16 January 2013]

Nicholas Cage is a vampire Nicholas Cage is a vampire . Via Kosso , on the google plus . [Sun 18 September 2011]

KISS tickets sold out in seconds Up on ebay already, bit of a tricky one though... [Wed 24 February 2010]

More Tales From The Tap Room A copy here on ebay, still looking for an original though... [Fri 29 January 2010]

Who's breaking up a Ferrari on ebay? This guy is! [Thu 10 December 2009]

That Harry Clarke / Faust went unsold Immediately relisted though... [Wed 9 December 2009]

Christmas for sale via @popbitchnews [Wed 9 December 2009]

iphone app developer up for sale on ebay Starting bids at $100,000. vi @iGamesBulletin [Thu 12 November 2009]

John Lewis Bergerac bookcase on ebay These are ACE, collect from Yorkshire though :-( [Mon 5 October 2009]

Google wave invite for sale on ebay makes a change from furniture for me... [Thu 1 October 2009]

RE: John Lewis Bergerac sideboard on ebay The Chapmans Hill event is going to be a disaster. Dont get involved in this one. Protests and... [Fri 4 September 2009]

Don't turn up, please read The landowner has not given consent for this event. Both the Police and Council have been... [Tue 1 September 2009]

John Lewis Bergerac sideboard on ebay Furniture but not habitat radius this time! [Thu 27 August 2009]

A laptop for less than a tenner? A laptop, in ten parts, 99p per part, get in! [Mon 27 July 2009]

2 Folkestone Festival tickets went for 75 quid on ebay See them here . So no touting to be had just yet. Only a week left to get yours, see... [Sun 26 July 2009]

Tickets for Folkestone Hevy festival on Ebay Someone trying to tout them? Less than face value so far... [Thu 23 July 2009]

Anyone going to Folkestone "Hevy" Festival? Or know anyone who is going? I do not! [Fri 17 July 2009]

Habitat radius wardrobe Collect from Chiswick [Tue 14 July 2009]

Strange ebay shop ... [Sat 4 July 2009]

That book that people keep ebaying at 400 Another copy just started at ten pounds! [Fri 3 July 2009]

1930 Fairy Tales relisted AGAIN at GBP385 See it here , illustrated by Harry Clarke . Too expensive. Lordy, just realised we have not... [Tue 30 June 2009]

local events Abigail's Wardrobe Presents Beat the recession... 'Clothes swap!' May 30th 1.30-3.30* Tired of... [Tue 12 May 2009]

What's that big space in the flat? Oh it's where my CD's were... all sold now! [Sat 9 May 2009]

"It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release" #piratebay four jailed [Fri 17 April 2009]

The best piece of furniture The rarely seen (on ebay) Habitat Radius Tallboy! [Mon 13 April 2009]

Home pub for sale in Southampton Four real ale pumps for sale , I want these! [Fri 10 April 2009]

Bargain wardrobes to watch Double Habitat Radius wardrobe bargain action! [Wed 8 April 2009]

Fairy Tales now relisted at 385 See it here , still sounds pricey to me! [Tue 24 March 2009]

Have sold 5 of my xbox games Not a raging success, can barely be bothered to write out these envelopes [Tue 24 March 2009]

Who started this book at 450??? Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, from 1930 , illustrated by Harry Clarke but still! I... [Tue 24 March 2009]

Who understands ebay? Endless plugging: nothing. 2 days of silence: 20 commission... [Sun 15 March 2009]

Not thought to look on ebay for a house before Here's one near us . Via FG , where there are more details . Kind of via there anyway,... [Thu 26 February 2009]

House for sale on Ebay In #Capel, near #Folkestone [Thu 26 February 2009]

Someone ought to pick this idea up! Someone could start an agency hiring out stalking clown-a-grams! [Thu 19 February 2009]

RE: Experience your fear of clowns That would be an amazing 'present' to but a friend but not tell them about it. The idea would be... [Wed 18 February 2009]

Experience your fear of clowns Weren't we talking about #coulrophobia the other day? [Wed 18 February 2009]

RE: I did get the table in the end I bid on a dvd... 7 days left apparently!!! Glad you got the object of your desire... [Fri 13 February 2009]

I did get the table in the end No other bids on it, I should have just left it and made an offer later, but I did like the look... [Fri 13 February 2009]

RE: Folkestone clearout Cheers for the tip P! nice table... [Fri 13 February 2009]

Folkestone clearout Lots of bargains here on ebay, collect from Folkestone [Fri 13 February 2009]

'baywatch - battle of the console tables update There was a clear winner in the battle of the console tables from last week - the console... [Tue 3 February 2009]

Hmm I will have to find a way to sneak the ebay ads into the feed... Working in Dublin sounds cool, thanks for the note about that issue of Irish Arts Review , I... [Sat 31 January 2009]

RE: If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get There is no accounting for taste. Congrats on the your big news, the impending pitter patter of... [Sat 31 January 2009]

'baywatch - dining table in London ... [Thu 29 January 2009]

If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get Hahaha ... [Wed 28 January 2009]

'baywatch - battle of the console tables ... [Tue 27 January 2009]

Suspicious Habitat Radius listings creeping in. Some new Habitat Radius furniture listings this week on ebay, a wardrobe in Dorset, and a... [Mon 26 January 2009]

Just bought a Bugaboo Cameleon! Decided today, why not get the baby buggy first, and then see how big a car we need to fit it... [Sun 25 January 2009]

That wardrobe went for over five hundred quid They're going up in value, buy one quick, offset the massive losses of your Lloyds TSB shares !... [Thu 22 January 2009]

RE: Hey stranger Hello you, well that is just wondeful news, congrats to you both. My little man is now 2 and a... [Sun 18 January 2009]

Large dining table this time As that last Habitat Radius dining table went for over 400 quid in the end, and it was the... [Sun 18 January 2009]

Hey stranger Yeah baby boy , due end of May, cheers! [Sat 17 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 Hold up, baby stuff.. are congrats in order?? [Sat 17 January 2009]

No, did you see the price it finally went for? Bit more than 16 quid! [Fri 16 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 I see that its gone now, did you get it? Pops [Fri 16 January 2009]

Solid oak dining table - 16 Don't bid on this , I'm going for it! Collect from Brighton, won't stay at that price for long... [Tue 13 January 2009]

Habitat Radius oak BUS No not a bus, a wardrobe . Same as the one we just bought (but still have not assembled, nor... [Tue 13 January 2009]

Whoop, am I back in the ebay affiliate scheme again? All it needed was a little chasing up, they had some problem sending the automated email, Iw... [Tue 23 December 2008]

I did not win that xbox Outbid on an old school xbox , bah. Do you have one? Are you local? Can I collect? I don't care... [Thu 18 December 2008]

Someone else struggling with their Habitat Radius wardrobe doors Wonder if the person selling this wardrobe was planning to sell the wardrobe anyway, or if the... [Thu 27 November 2008]

A handy guide to how tall stuff is imgs.xkcd.com/comics/height.png From xkcd.com . Wow this makes the blog content nearly as... [Fri 3 October 2008]

Apothecary cabinet went for 395 See it here , wonder if it will reappear on the listings again. Could have been a proper... [Tue 9 September 2008]

Apothecary cabinet strangeness in Surrey You will of course remember this cabinet that I bigged up recently, it was listed for 瞿100 and... [Wed 3 September 2008]

Stereophonics sales frenzy! This box set didn't sell, but my Stereophonics ticket did! Rah, we did not have to go and I... [Tue 8 July 2008]

stereophonics again I've got one of these , that's not it though, hope it goes for a good price. If you want to buy... [Fri 4 July 2008]

Keep them safe I am just waiting to grow a bit round the waist and for my legs to shrink with old age and then... [Fri 27 June 2008]

RE: I think my dad gave them to me. I've just checked, my 60's flares are still in the back of my wardrobe! Pops [Fri 27 June 2008]

I have only been looking at the quality of the jeans, not the bottoms That side panel is only showing listings for the style and size of jeans that Clare is looking... [Thu 26 June 2008]

RE: That's exactly why! I don't know, I find it hard enough to choose jeans when I'm in a shop trying them on, let alone... [Thu 26 June 2008]

That's exactly why! Go on, buy some second hand pants off ebay via one of my links! I put the links up there as... [Wed 25 June 2008]

RE: Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! Is that why there is always a strip of jean auctions down the right side of your site? For some... [Wed 25 June 2008]

Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! ... [Mon 23 June 2008]

Some optimistic estimates in this online auction I feel These all sound a bit high to me , found an auction of rock memorabilia : Soundproofing from... [Sat 10 May 2008]

Naked art Naked Art Studio are still selling their original art from the good town of Folkestone...... [Sun 20 April 2008]

RE: Good to know Ha! That's a a lot of Robbie Williams! Textbooks are always growing as a segment, so that's... [Fri 18 April 2008]

Good to know Now to pimp some [abe]Harry Clarke original artwork[/abe] or something, get my commission up.... [Wed 16 April 2008]

RE: abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site The AbeBooks.co.uk program is staying with Commission Junction for the time being, so you're good... [Tue 15 April 2008]

abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site So, am I safe to stay where I am ? [Tue 15 April 2008]

RE: ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction Hello Pauly, I will totally agree with you that change CAN be a nightmare, especially for the... [Mon 14 April 2008]

More Lost Signed Sawyer figure if you're quick, the auction ends tomorrow. [Mon 14 April 2008]

ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction Hmm, ebay recently quit Commission Junction (an affiliate company, who make it easy for small... [Tue 8 April 2008]

RE: Portishead tickets I got some tickets, yay! [Fri 25 January 2008]

Rah, cheers! Now bid on that table or something, earn me some commission! [Fri 25 January 2008]

RE: Portishead tickets [list] e bay links work now Pops [Fri 25 January 2008]

Portishead tickets Portishead play Hammersmith Apollo (nee Odeon ), get tickets here , go on... There was an... [Thu 24 January 2008]

Denby Cotswold dinner service Just picked up another couple of pieces of this at a market and there's lots on ebay at good... [Sun 20 January 2008]

Now that's more like it for a dressing table ... [Wed 16 January 2008]

Buy it now, 175? ... [Tue 15 January 2008]

More funky art for sale on ebay For sale from Church Street, Folkestone , if that's expired already search for C A Jasper or... [Thu 20 December 2007]

I'd like to see something witty Um, I can't think what though. Whatever happened to other people's photographs , I thought they... [Wed 19 December 2007]

ezee tiger exhibition ah - Thanks for taking the time to pop over to the art exhibition. tell me, did you find the... [Wed 19 December 2007]

Things I didn't buy in Brussels (part one) Could be a long list of things I didn't buy, but here's something I nearly bought... [Wed 19 December 2007]

So this is who I was bidding against in that last Harry Clarke auction I bought a 1931 copy of [abe]Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales[/abe] on ebay the other day for about... [Wed 19 December 2007]

John Lewis Bergerac Oak TV Stand This is what we should have got when we bought our sideboard, maybe. I am in a quandary still,... [Fri 2 November 2007]

Get your official Baywatch floats here How strange, a chum at work is selling official genuine baywatch floats , as used by the Hoff in... [Tue 9 October 2007]

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Anotehr Harry Clarke illustrated book up on Ebay... [Fri 5 October 2007]

Habitat radius wardrobe doors back on sale 99p starting bid, pick up from Wimbledon , only one set this time though, what price did they... [Wed 3 October 2007]

Cure tickets Off to see The Cure at Wembley [Sat 29 September 2007]

Be as cool as us His'n'Hers vinyl, on ebay , kind of rare this, we have one up on the wall. Weekend report to... [Mon 20 August 2007]

Two tall boys I think [gmap]St Albans[/gmap] is too far away for me to collect, but someone's selling not one... [Mon 16 July 2007]

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday? Just in from work too late, this Habitat Radius tallboy that I was after just went, for 360... [Fri 15 June 2007]

Back on ebay again This copy of Anderson's Fairy Tales keeps cropping up , now listed again at only 2 quid, it... [Sat 12 May 2007]

My first ebay auction Buy my Dirty Pretty Things tickets ... If this goes well, I'm going to sell everything I own. [Thu 7 December 2006]

Watching ebay Was a tiny bit bothered that a Habitat console table like the one we just bought was going to... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Couple of Orson tickets up on Ebay Get in quick , though there may be more Orson tickets here . Found these while browsing for... [Fri 29 September 2006]

Another Harry Clarke on Ebay This signed copy of Faust just went for $600 - copies do go for thousands on ABE . I didn't... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Wintersmith I see not only that there's a new Terry Pratchett book out, but that Amazon have changed their... [Tue 12 September 2006]

Yep, I'm going to be in trouble Jim wanted it when I told him about it, I said hold on and see what it goes for and we'll know... [Tue 25 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay I see the book went for 67 [Tue 25 July 2006]

Bidding's started on Faust Faust, illustrated by Harry Clarke , a first edition I think from 1925. I love the pictures on... [Tue 18 July 2006]

I don't want it now, I can't afford it I went a bit mad pushing the price up for fun, and now I might get stuck with it, gah... As you... [Tue 18 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay Don't go mad bidding right now as there are 5 days to go, you will only push the price up. When I... [Tue 18 July 2006]

Harry Clarke on Ebay Just searching on a whim and I found this Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales , illustrated by Harry... [Mon 17 July 2006]

American rock band indeed... The brothers of the band were born in Scotland , but raised in Australia , and the rest were... [Thu 13 April 2006]

RE: Bayraider rocks \m/ I found myself in the world's highest bar in Namche Bazaar, Nepal on my way to Everest base camp... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Bayraider rocks \m/ It's a good job work didn't pay me off, I would have spent all the money on AC/DC's old tourbus... [Wed 12 April 2006]

BBC fights Blue Peter badge sales Badgetastic , there are still tonnes of Blue Peter Badges on sale though, going for crazy... [Tue 28 March 2006]

Boo... RAH! I thought with the film coming out and everything, about now would be a peak value time for my... [Wed 15 March 2006]

Bayraider [Tue 7 March 2006]

PlotBlog Nothing but a bunch of hoes, it's Stu's allotment blog , gone live today. Good luck mate! Just... [Mon 6 March 2006]

Another Habitat Radius wardrobe on Ebay Wardrobe like ours starting at 99p ! That seems to have been listed by auctioning4u.co.uk ,... [Mon 20 February 2006]

A lovely Under Neath What collection on Ebay http://i15.ebayimg.com/02/i/05/ed/29/a1_1_b.JPG Under Neath What Collection That reminds, me... [Thu 12 January 2006]

Got the first Darkness EP? They have gone for decent amounts of money before, here's one just listed , good luck. Ah,... [Mon 5 December 2005]

Someone sold their house in Folkestone on Ebay Check it out here ... found that while searching for local home security services, I want a new... [Tue 22 November 2005]

So ebay's pulling the Live 8 tickets Why are they doing it so begrudgingly this time when they've pulled Glastonbury tickets no... [Wed 15 June 2005]

Ebay Schmebay Tonnes of Terry Pratchett books on EBay , but not much call (or as much value) for Raymond E... [Wed 1 June 2005]

And now they've removed that one Search ebay for Paula Radcliffe's poo here ... [Wed 20 April 2005]

yep its a wee bit mad! not been in the manc one yet, so that may be shit. Oh renew vows in the window? Not sure how... [Wed 20 April 2005]

oooh top marks for IT Helpdesk guru Pauly. worked a treat. ta. [Tue 19 April 2005]

oh you might have cached the CSS refresh the page, should sort that out if it looks really bad, no colour, sidebar stuff all at... [Tue 19 April 2005]

This page is on clarkeology.com Been doing some twiddling, not quite finished yet... looks more or less the same as it did before... [Tue 19 April 2005]

morning why has the style of this page changed? it's different to the style of www.clarkeology.com... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Ooh yeah it's all Vegas themed isn't it Are you going to renew your vows in their front window? selfridgesvegas.com/ [Tue 19 April 2005]

It was Paula Radcliffe's poo, for sale on EBAY Possibly not real. Another joker has done the same thing here ... [Tue 19 April 2005]

We where in london at the weekend everyone else opted to see the end of the marathon and saw paula cross the line meanwhile me... [Mon 18 April 2005]

RE: Paula Radcliffe Give us a clue then... ebay have removed the item. [Mon 18 April 2005]

Paula Radcliffe Ew, did she stop for a poo or what? Top result on Amazon is these glass scales . Why are they... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Sold out Barfly gigs Cheeky, just been pointed at the fact there are tonnes of sold out Barfly tickets on ebay ...... [Tue 25 January 2005]

They've fixed the Darkness picture That item's been pulled but it's been put on again , with a new picture. Actually of The... [Tue 11 January 2005]

Ebay Tsunami appeal This tsunami appeal charity auction is possibly organised by the-sun.co.uk , but don't let... [Mon 10 January 2005]

So glad to be back to work Fantastic long weekend, was not feeling at all happy to be heading back to London last night. A... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Glastonbury tickets on Ebay Over two million pounds so far , hmm, possibly this is not serious... If you're still after... [Fri 2 April 2004]

Passport Ebay update Hey buddy, can you spare a grand? [Thu 5 February 2004]

Cure tickets, buy or sell Lordy, 770 quid for a pair (so far) ... [Mon 2 February 2004]

Music Passport Arrived at work to a disaster this morning, some web servers not responding, including... [Mon 26 January 2004]

Money, money, money Nice, got about some money on the way from Google ads (not for this site, and not straight into... [Thu 8 January 2004]

I Believe In A Thing Called Love Out today! Good morning everyone, I did 7k on my exercise bike this morning and I am feeling GOOD! [Mon 22 September 2003]

One Big Darkness Darkness tour all sold out, tickets going for 90 quid a go on Ebay, what can you do... [Thu 11 September 2003]

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