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Just found out the date of this from an ebay listing for the limited single they gave away at the gig! I wen to loads of Under Neath What gigs but I don't have evidence for many of them...

Met Bam from Dogs D'Amour at this gig I think.
105 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DT [1989-11-10 1989]

ebay electronics sale [Wednesday 16 January 2013]

Nicholas Cage is a vampire [Sunday 18 September 2011]

KISS tickets sold out in seconds Up on ebay already, bit of a tricky one though... [Wednesday 24 February 2010]

More Tales From The Tap Room A copy here on ebay, still looking for an original though... [Friday 29 January 2010]

Who's breaking up a Ferrari on ebay? This guy is! [Thursday 10 December 2009]

That Harry Clarke / Faust went unsold Immediately relisted though http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?type=4&campid=5335822550&toolid=10001&customid=13145&mpre=http%3A//cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll%3FViewItem%26item%3D390129278600 [Wednesday 9 December 2009]

Christmas for sale via @popbitchnews [Wednesday 9 December 2009]

iphone app developer up for sale on ebay Starting bids at $100,000. vi @iGamesBulletin [Thursday 12 November 2009]

John Lewis Bergerac bookcase on ebay These are ACE, collect from Yorkshire though :-( [Monday 5 October 2009]

Google wave invite for sale on ebay makes a change from furniture for me... [Thursday 1 October 2009]

RE: John Lewis Bergerac sideboard on ebay [Friday 4 September 2009]

Don't turn up, please read [Tuesday 1 September 2009]

John Lewis Bergerac sideboard on ebay Furniture but not habitat radius this time! [Thursday 27 August 2009]

A laptop for less than a tenner? A laptop, in ten parts, 99p per part, get in! [Monday 27 July 2009]

2 Folkestone Festival tickets went for 75 quid on ebay [Sunday 26 July 2009]

Tickets for Folkestone Hevy festival on Ebay Someone trying to tout them? Less than face value so far... [Thursday 23 July 2009]

Anyone going to Folkestone "Hevy" Festival? Or know anyone who is going? I do not! [Friday 17 July 2009]

Habitat radius wardrobe Collect from Chiswick [Tuesday 14 July 2009]

Strange ebay shop Ads cut out of the NME for 99p (+3 postage), er bargain... http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?type=4&campid=5335822550&toolid=10001&customid=12769&mpre=http%3A//shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/andyfanzone [Saturday 4 July 2009]

That book that people keep ebaying at 400 Another copy just started at ten pounds! [Friday 3 July 2009]

1930 Fairy Tales relisted AGAIN at GBP385 [Tuesday 30 June 2009]

local events [Tuesday 12 May 2009]

What's that big space in the flat? Oh it's where my CD's were... all sold now! [Saturday 9 May 2009]

"It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release" #piratebay four jailed [Friday 17 April 2009]

The best piece of furniture The rarely seen (on ebay) Habitat Radius Tallboy! [Monday 13 April 2009]

Home pub for sale in Southampton [Friday 10 April 2009]

Bargain wardrobes to watch Double Habitat Radius wardrobe bargain action! [Wednesday 8 April 2009]

Fairy Tales now relisted at 385 [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

Have sold 5 of my xbox games Not a raging success, can barely be bothered to write out these envelopes [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

Who started this book at 450??? [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

Who understands ebay? Endless plugging: nothing. 2 days of silence: 20 commission... [Sunday 15 March 2009]

Not thought to look on ebay for a house before [Thursday 26 February 2009]

House for sale on Ebay In #Capel, near #Folkestone [Thursday 26 February 2009]

Someone ought to pick this idea up! [Thursday 19 February 2009]

RE: Experience your fear of clowns [Wednesday 18 February 2009]

Experience your fear of clowns Weren't we talking about #coulrophobia the other day? [Wednesday 18 February 2009]

RE: I did get the table in the end [Friday 13 February 2009]

I did get the table in the end [Friday 13 February 2009]

RE: Folkestone clearout [Friday 13 February 2009]

Folkestone clearout Lots of bargains here on ebay, collect from Folkestone [Friday 13 February 2009]

'baywatch - battle of the console tables update [Tuesday 3 February 2009]

Hmm I will have to find a way to sneak the ebay ads into the feed... [Saturday 31 January 2009]

RE: If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get [Saturday 31 January 2009]

'baywatch - dining table in London [Thursday 29 January 2009]

If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get [Wednesday 28 January 2009]

'baywatch - battle of the console tables [Tuesday 27 January 2009]

Suspicious Habitat Radius listings creeping in. [Monday 26 January 2009]

Just bought a Bugaboo Cameleon! [Sunday 25 January 2009]

That wardrobe went for over five hundred quid [Thursday 22 January 2009]

RE: Hey stranger [Sunday 18 January 2009]

Large dining table this time [Sunday 18 January 2009]

Hey stranger [Saturday 17 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 [Saturday 17 January 2009]

No, did you see the price it finally went for? [Friday 16 January 2009]

RE: Solid oak dining table - GBP16 [Friday 16 January 2009]

Solid oak dining table - 16 [Tuesday 13 January 2009]

Habitat Radius oak BUS [Tuesday 13 January 2009]

Whoop, am I back in the ebay affiliate scheme again? [Tuesday 23 December 2008]

I did not win that xbox [Thursday 18 December 2008]

Someone else struggling with their Habitat Radius wardrobe doors [Thursday 27 November 2008]

A handy guide to how tall stuff is [Friday 3 October 2008]

Apothecary cabinet went for 395 [Tuesday 9 September 2008]

Apothecary cabinet strangeness in Surrey [Wednesday 3 September 2008]

Stereophonics sales frenzy! [Tuesday 8 July 2008]

stereophonics again [Friday 4 July 2008]

Keep them safe [Friday 27 June 2008]

RE: I think my dad gave them to me. [Friday 27 June 2008]

I have only been looking at the quality of the jeans, not the bottoms [Thursday 26 June 2008]

RE: That's exactly why! [Thursday 26 June 2008]

That's exactly why! [Wednesday 25 June 2008]

RE: Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! [Wednesday 25 June 2008]

Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! [Monday 23 June 2008]

Some optimistic estimates in this online auction I feel [Saturday 10 May 2008]

Naked art [Sunday 20 April 2008]

RE: Good to know [Friday 18 April 2008]

Good to know [Wednesday 16 April 2008]

RE: abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site [Tuesday 15 April 2008]

abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site [Tuesday 15 April 2008]

RE: ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction [Monday 14 April 2008]

More Lost [Monday 14 April 2008]

ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction [Tuesday 8 April 2008]

RE: Portishead tickets [Friday 25 January 2008]

Rah, cheers! [Friday 25 January 2008]

RE: Portishead tickets [Friday 25 January 2008]

Portishead tickets [Thursday 24 January 2008]

Denby Cotswold dinner service [Sunday 20 January 2008]

Now that's more like it for a dressing table [Wednesday 16 January 2008]

Buy it now, 175? [Tuesday 15 January 2008]

More funky art for sale on ebay [Thursday 20 December 2007]

I'd like to see something witty [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

ezee tiger exhibition [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

Things I didn't buy in Brussels (part one) Could be a long list of things I didn't buy, but here's something I nearly bought... [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

So this is who I was bidding against in that last Harry Clarke auction [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

John Lewis Bergerac Oak TV Stand [Friday 2 November 2007]

Get your official Baywatch floats here [Tuesday 9 October 2007]

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Anotehr Harry Clarke illustrated book up on Ebay... [Friday 5 October 2007]

Habitat radius wardrobe doors back on sale [Wednesday 3 October 2007]

Cure tickets Off to see The Cure at Wembley [Saturday 29 September 2007]

Be as cool as us [Monday 20 August 2007]

Two tall boys [Monday 16 July 2007]

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday? [Friday 15 June 2007]

Back on ebay again [Saturday 12 May 2007]

My first ebay auction [Thursday 7 December 2006]

Watching ebay [Wednesday 22 November 2006]

Couple of Orson tickets up on Ebay [Friday 29 September 2006]

Another Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 12 September 2006]

Wintersmith [Tuesday 12 September 2006]

Yep, I'm going to be in trouble [Tuesday 25 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 25 July 2006]

Bidding's started on Faust [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

I don't want it now, I can't afford it [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

Harry Clarke on Ebay [Monday 17 July 2006]

American rock band indeed... [Thursday 13 April 2006]

RE: Bayraider rocks \m/ [Wednesday 12 April 2006]

Bayraider rocks \m/ [Wednesday 12 April 2006]

BBC fights Blue Peter badge sales [Tuesday 28 March 2006]

Boo... RAH! [Wednesday 15 March 2006]

Bayraider [Tuesday 7 March 2006]

PlotBlog [Monday 6 March 2006]

Another Habitat Radius wardrobe on Ebay [Monday 20 February 2006]

A lovely Under Neath What collection on Ebay [Thursday 12 January 2006]

Got the first Darkness EP? [Monday 5 December 2005]

Someone sold their house in Folkestone on Ebay [Tuesday 22 November 2005]

So ebay's pulling the Live 8 tickets [Wednesday 15 June 2005]

Ebay Schmebay [Wednesday 1 June 2005]

And now they've removed that one [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

yep its a wee bit mad! [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

oooh [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

oh you might have cached the CSS [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

This page is on clarkeology.com [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

morning [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

Ooh yeah it's all Vegas themed isn't it [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

It was Paula Radcliffe's poo, for sale on EBAY [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

We where in london at the weekend [Monday 18 April 2005]

RE: Paula Radcliffe [Monday 18 April 2005]

Paula Radcliffe [Monday 18 April 2005]

Sold out Barfly gigs [Tuesday 25 January 2005]

They've fixed the Darkness picture [Tuesday 11 January 2005]

Ebay Tsunami appeal [Monday 10 January 2005]

So glad to be back to work [Tuesday 13 April 2004]

Glastonbury tickets on Ebay [Friday 2 April 2004]

Passport Ebay update Hey buddy, can you spare a grand? [Thursday 5 February 2004]

Cure tickets, buy or sell Lordy, 770 quid for a pair (so far)... [Monday 2 February 2004]

Music Passport [Monday 26 January 2004]

Money, money, money [Thursday 8 January 2004]

I Believe In A Thing Called Love Out today! Good morning everyone, I did 7k on my exercise bike this morning and I am feeling GOOD! [Monday 22 September 2003]

One Big Darkness Darkness tour all sold out, tickets going for 90 quid a go on Ebay, what can you do... [Thursday 11 September 2003]

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