Blog2008 ≫ Apothecary cabinet strangeness in Surrey

You will of course remember this cabinet1 that I bigged up recently, it was listed for 100 and I put in a few bids for it, as I liked it and it's full price would be over two grand and it matches what we've got. It sold in the end for 545 to someone called "Lord of Surrey", I'm guessing they're in Surrey too. Now the same original seller2 is selling the same apothecary cabinet3, starting at 100 quid again. So is it a scam? Or did the original seller panic at the low price the cabinet was going for and get her husband to buy it back? Either way it's up for sale again3, same low starting price, guess they're hoping for more than 500 for it this time.

UPDATE: Of course, it's more likely that the original sale just fell through... so it might go for less. I'm watching this one3.

When we got married we bought some [ebay=john lewis bergerac]Bergerac furniture from John Lewis[/ebay], two book cases, and I thought we'd eventually buy just this. It's very expensive, and a bit chunky, and now they discontinued it anyway. We bought a sideboard, that turned out to be a slightly different colour to the bookcases, ah well. I think we're better off with lighter furniture (lighter in colour, and in generallyless heavy feeling in sheer presence), but it's still lovely stuff. [ebay=john lewis bergerac]You might still get it here occasionally[/ebay].

UPDATE UPDATE: Doesn't look like the original picture, I think that's why the original person didn't want it, and neither do I.

Did the quiz last night, did not win, jeez did Stuart landlord / quizmaster waffle on though!

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