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Seems it's nearly time for our annual pilgrimage, The Cure are playing the O2, it's an NME brats show, except it's called the Shockwaves big gig now. Seems they're playing Brixton the night before but it's at the awards ceremony. I've been before, lawks ten years ago now, but I don't quite think I'll get in this year, so the O2 it is then! Tickets on sale Monday morning...

UPDATE: tickets!

Not sure which is the cause and which is the effect, The Cure getting 8/10 for the new album, being awarded "godlike genius", and them doing this show for the NME. There's not really any good new music around at the moment, I think NME need The Cure more than The Cure need NME.

Last year's NME big gig featured the Manic Street Preachers, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, The Cribs and Johnny Marr, so it's hardly going to be a four hour set from The Cure, hope it's not too short though.

Tickets thirty pounds each, not sure who the other bands are yet. If it's sold out try here, of course. Off to have a listen to the new album...

[ticket]The Cure[/ticket]

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