Blog2004 ≫ Half Man, Half Machine

Goldie Lookin' Chain (do keep up, they're my new favourite band) release the double-safe double-a side "Half Man, Half Machine" / "Self Suicide" on Monday 19th April. "Half Man, Half Machine" is like a riposte to MJ Hibbett's "Hey Hey 16k", but Eggsie doesn't just want to reminisce about old computers and consoles, he wants to do the sex with them. "Self Suicide" is a tasteless tale of improvement through self death. Neither track is at the more subtle end of the GLC spectrum, but they're both funny, and rude, and with not too many Newport references, so they're good choices for an intro.

If you're a proper fan, you'll have the CD's already, but seeing as they've never been available in shops and that, you will have to make do with being the first to buy this single... it's available as a super super limited six track 12'' (2000 copies only) and a CD. Get it now and retire on your Ebay profits in a years time. It's released on mustdestroymusic.com1, who you'll remember also brought you The Darkness. No, it's not my label, but I wish it was.

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