PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Britney Spears gets UNDRESSED!

Not even half as interesting a story as it should have been...

OK, it's fairly clear from a headline like that that the story is going to be NOTHING to do with Britney getting naked, but it should have been a GRATE and heartwarming story about her giving up her clothes for a charity auction.

However, having investigated this initial lead, popEx finds NOTHING worth having at all! The story is that several stars, including Davina McCall and Jamie Theakston in the UK and Britney, Claudia Schiffer and Kevin Costner in the US have given up personal items for a charity auction - it's the "Undress for MS" campaign.

A trawl of Yahoo's auction site finds not a lot more interesting than "Poster ripped out of TOTP magazine - reserve price one pound" from Britney, so WHAT'S GOING ON? WE WANT TO BID FOR HER BRA!

To be fair to Yahoo, there are a couple of signed photos of Britney available (nothing to do with the charity auction), and a Lauren Hill tour jacket, but COME ON, where's the good stuff?

What celebrity memorabilia would you most like to bid for?

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