Blog2011 ≫ Toilet training

We're doing toilet training this week, yesterday started well, mostly because we were taking the boy to the loo every five minutes. Today not so well, the novelty has worn off a bit. Still no turning back now, and it will eventually save us a bundle in nappies.

As a result, not done much else this weekend. Not been anywhere, though I have been doing some bidding on ebay and have bought a load of rings (keyrings and jewellery making rings) that I am making new curtain rings out of. I can't find the right sort for our bedroom curtains, so am making some. We have a sort of dormer window there, and the curtains have to fit inside it so we can't have a good curtain pole like we have at other windows. The one we have now is the one that came with the house, and it doesn't quite hang together properly. Hopefully when these rings turn up the new setup will look good, with no gaps. That's the only thing that's wrong with the room so far.

Have eaten quite a lot this weekend, made curry yesterday and had leftovers for lunch today. Also had bubble and squeak for a second breakfast just because I had some cooked potato and cabbage leftover. Then chili tonight, a good day of food.

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