Blog ≫ 2004 ≫ Passport Ebay update

Hey buddy, can you spare a grand?

The Cure are the runaway winners of the Ebay Passport popularity concert, a pair of tickets to see them at Barfly London is currently standing at over a thousand pounds... in a not very close second place are Starsailor, then Pet Shop Boys, David Gray and Gary Numan...

My personal faves The Darkness are much lower down the list than I thought, only 122 quid for the pair, that's not much more than tickets for their regular gigs are going for... Also Travis are looking a BARGAIN right now. No bids at all for Big Brovaz yet full details here... go on, make a bid, it's all for charidee... for full details...

💬 The Darkness

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Thu Feb 05 2004

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