Blog2012 ≫ Headache come, headache go

Just cleared up a headache by calling Veolia Water (our local water supply co) who sent me a threatening letter about non payment. I was worried I'd done the online payment incorrectly this time or something, as I could see the money gone from my account. No, it was just them being rubbish in processing my payment, phew.

I have an actual headache today though, and I did yesterday too. I think it is lack of booze, this not drinking in the week lark is not making me feel better. I did not even drink at the pub quiz this week. That's probably while we lost.

Hit a bit of a stumbling block in my robot house plans, I have to get some relays in order to wire my robotics in to the mains. Sounds a bit scary, though I am not sure it is really any trickier than replacing a light switch or socket. Only thing is where to get mains relays from and which ones to get? Surely they shouldn't be as expensive as they appear?

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