Blog2009 ≫ Who understands ebay?

Endless plugging: nothing. 2 days of silence: 20 commission...

Not me! You may have noticed I am endlessly plugging things that interest me on ebay, like habitat radius wardrobe1 (ends today, already soared past the price we paid for one recently, collect from Walthamstow). Ebay pay an affilliate commission, so the more I post, the more I make, yes? NO! In the two days of silence when we were in Rome last weekend, I made about twenty times what I'd get on a normal day. So perhaps the lesson is to just be quiet.

Had a strange spike of ten times as much traffic to my ebay links two days before this, it must be related, though I've no idea which actual product it was that provoked this interest. Maybe it was that funny BMX ad2 that I passed on by email.

Just started selling my own stuff on ebay3 for the first time, having a bit of a clear out. Perhaps by mentioning it now it will not sell. If you want any old school XBox games3, you know where to come3.

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