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The Darkness re-release "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" today, on 3 lovely formats:

+CD - featuring the b-sides "Makin' Out" and "Physical Sex" +DVD - featuring the video, an exclusive track entitled "Out Of My Hands" and a collection of video out-takes +7" PICTURE DISC - VERY limited edition, and featuring the b-side "Makin' Out"

Not sure how limited these are, but bearing in mind the earlier singles are going for a pretty penny on Ebay, they're worth getting even if you already have the album.

"Out takes" sounds good doesn't it? The out takes and extras on the last DVD single were a bit disappointing though, making the DVD not really worth getting, as you can see the videos on the website,

Speaking of Ebay, I see there is another Darkness bootleg available now... No, stop, don't click that link, please wait to be bombarded with Ebay popups and then search for it, that way popex earns more money...

Anyway, hello and good morning everyone, did you have a nice weekend?

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Mon Sep 22 2003

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