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The rarely seen (on ebay) Habitat Radius Tallboy!

The rareley seen Habitat Radius Tallboy1. We have two of these, they never come up second hand, you lucky lucky people! And this one is only collecting from Brockley.

Habitat Radius tallboy, solid piece of furniture, six deep drawers. Solid oak and oak veneer, desibned by Simon Pengally. Height 137 cm, width 50 cm, depth 49 cm. Used, tiny pice of veneer missing from edge of one drawer, small scratch and chip from being transported. Cost new 769.

The only potential weakness with one of these is the drawers, and as these are basically all drawers I would ask a question about the wonky looking drawer2 on this one1. Back with genuine opinion, commentary, and blogaliciousness in a minute. Been away too long...

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