Blog2012 ≫ Why is this one lead miniature figure going for a decent price?

It's a Judge Dredd lead figure, unpainted and it's going for 5.50 so far. I'm not looking these up because I'm thinking of buying any, but I brought a box of these back from my folks' this weekend (ssshh don't tell Clare). What do I do with them? Can I sell them? I might keep a few that I have painted (pretty well I think...) but is there any value in the rest of them? I have that Judge Dredd figure, it's made by Citadel Miniatures in the 1980s. Maybe it is something about the age of it that makes it worth more? The 1980s is not that old though, it's practically right now. Perhaps there is real lead in them and they have some scrap value? At only 28mm tall I can't see it though.

I have about 50 of these, I have chucked some away that someone else had had a go at painting, I hope I've not lobbed out any others that are good for a fiver a piece.

I have brought back a bit more junk to go through too, some more comics and annuals and things and a bundle of 1970s Hot Car magazines. I left a box full off VW specific stuff, I am going to suggest my Dad sees if anyone wants them at the local VW shop, but I brought back these Hot Cars by mistake.

Plenty more treasures to be reported on, I will get busy with the scanner and the camera!

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