Blog2008 ≫ I bought a thing

This is what I bought at the boot fair yesterday, but was too traumatised to write about because of squished finger:


It's a valet like this one1, but a bit nicer I think. It looks older than it is and I've no idea what wood it's made out of, it's been stained to look like mahogany but I don't suppose it is. The quality of it looked quite good, particularly the little draws. 15 knocked down to 12.50 with the skills I got from watching hours and hours of Bargain Hunt.

We are becoming quite the bargain hunters really, with Clare's bargain seven for all mankind jeans too. They did turn out to be the real deal and in great condition.

My finger is better today, swollen still and a bit of a suspicious bump on it that I'm wondering if it might be a chip of bone. The finger really was squished flat in the car door yesterday, like it'd been run over by a cartoon steamroller. I can only put the non-breakage down to having consumed no calcium for about fifteen years, which must have made my bones soft and bendy like stretch armstrong.

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