Blog2003 ≫ Stalking The Darkness

Got a smashing gift yesterday, of a t-shirt thrown into the crowd by Justin of The Darkness, at a gig they did at Metro, probably a couple of years ago now. Got quite drunk, and everyone decided that a friend whose birthday it was should wear the t-shirt to go and see the band DJing at The Barfly... and now just got a call to say he's got it signed by the band with "stop thief, come back with that t-shirt" or similar... It's going straight up on Ebay12!

Justin Hawkins on stage in my t-shirt

No, not really, nor am I really stalking them, or I'd have gone to the barfly thing, see, ha. Still looking for tickets though... they ought to turn up in the end, as I've asked Popbitch3 to apply pressure on my behalf, as the band are going to the Popbitch party4 in New York next week, as it's on the same day as their gig at the Bowery Ballroom5...

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