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Freebie of the week has to be my Fighting Cocks "Council Fabulous" t-shirt I got from Charlie. First time of wearing it and some lady in Safeway was asking me where she could get one... maybe I'll fund the making of some more and we can sell them.

Off to the Limp Bizkit gig in Finsbury Park now, not sure how well attended it's going to be, despite being free. A mate just got given a couple of free tickets to it at Finsbury Park station, so he doesn't need these two I have for him. Hopefully there are people wanting tickets still and I can make someone's day, but I can see us not being able to give them away...

A combination of this gig, and just listening to Faster Pussycat doing a cover of "I Was Made For Loving U" has made me very nostalgic for the time Kiss played in Finsbury park, I will post up my pictures of that day soon. Got a popex gig mail this morning telling me there were Kiss tickets available! Turns out they were tickets for Kiss Me Kate instead, bah.

Second best freebie of the week is surely the new Muse album - I saw one go on Ebay for 70 quid yesterday, might flog mine.

💬 Limp Bizkit

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Sat Sep 06 2003

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