Blog2010 ≫ I just bought a hollow wall anchor setting tool

I am a man, hear me roar...

This one1, hear me roar, I am a man, I do DIY!

Our walls are all hollow, even the external ones, covered in a soft cheesy layer of plasterboard. So I need these bad boys2 to do anything. Thought I could get the tool from Screwfix too, but seemingly not so I used up some of my ebay / paypal money at last. Much much cheaper buying online than Homebase or B&Q, I should have known that really...

Got a weekend of DIY planned. Thought I would achieve nothing this weekend, as Clare had planned to go to London so I would be looking after the boy all weekend. She has cancelled now so we can get some stuff done. I have a list, I'm not posting it here though in case I don't actually tick any of it off. Maybe getting a hair cut. Maybe.

I thought Screwfix' free delivery was too good to be true - I have to order 50 worth of screws. I only want one pack, less than 2 :-(

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