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To celebrate Sheffield's very own Pink Grease heading off on a joint headline tour of the UK with Chikinki, popex has some stuff to give away! And I'm really going to send it out and not keep it all myself! This band are hotly tipped, so these goodies are worth having, so I am robbing myself not putting this straight up on Ebay, make the most of this rare opportunity... Not actually sure exactly how much there'll be, it's stuck in the post right now, but there are signed copies of the All Over You EP, DVD's and tickets to see them on one of the following dates:

+Plymouth Chasers (November 28th) +Bristol Fleece and Firkin (30th) +Nottingham Social (December 1st) +Lincoln Falcon (2nd) +Barfly Liverpool (3rd) +Barfly Cardiff (4th) +Stoke Sugarmill (5th) +Middlesboro Empire (6th) +Wrexham Yales (7th) +London Islington Academy

For such spectacular prizery, there clearly has to be a complex question to read out the real fans... so please tell me what town you'd like to see them in...

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Wed Nov 12 2003

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