PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Johnny Marr

Night and Day Cafe, Oldham Street, Manchester

Fri 9th Jan.

Myself and Mr H had decided to go to the wonderfully named "Eyeball Haemorrage" at the Night and Day Cafe (http://www.nightnday.org/)

Anyways, fun was being had and then in walks this man. I look at Mr H, he looks at me and there is a lots of "Isit?" "Looks like?" "Cant be" "Holy Shit!", before realising that YES it is actually him!!!

I should point out I used to have a massive crush on him when I was younger so I blushed at lot all night and couldnt move out of my seat apart from when I went to the loo and brushed past him!!

Anyway, he was there about 3m from us all night, seems like a nice chap, chatted to his mates, didnt act all lordy. I did resisit the temptation to collect the glasses he was drinking from for sale on Ebay... which is sad and almost stalkerish I know.

So yeah, stays for the first 2 bands (which were rather good) and left when Beats for Beginners came on... as did most of the auidence but never mind.....

Ohhhh Johnny Marr.......

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