Blog ≫ 2005 ≫ If you have a downstairs neighbour who annoys you

Why not bid on ebay the interweb auction site1, for indie legend Jim Bob to come around your house (or flat, or even maisonette) to perform 60 minutes of acetastic acoustic versions of all the Jim Bob, and Carter USM... If you win Jim Bob will perform an exclusive gig just for you.

Bidding is underway1, and it's over a grand already. Profits go to The Royal Marsden Hospital2. The Royal Marsden2 is the UK's leading comprehensive cancer centre and is recognised worldwide for the quality of its services.

Also HEY KOSMO, think this site's ugly do ya? Hmm, you're right, think I'll liven it up with loads of annoying flickering images and things like yours!

🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹

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