Blog2003 ≫ Back on course

Have got the security issues mostly sorted, will transfer what I've learned over to here soon... Also seem to have got the MX record for changed, so that I'm receiving mail again. When the server was moved, the hosting company just pulled the plug on a mail server, not realising it was being used to redirect popex mail...

Got 400 odd quid from Ask Jeeves today, and can invoice my old company for another three hundred odd quid for a banner ad from last month, not very good, but then the site was mostly down, and we had a freebie ad in it's place for Echoboy... Got another couple of ads in, one for Ebay and one some banners for a finance company. Ebay seem to be spending a LOT on advertising, all pop-ups / pop-unders... Interestingly (well, actually not that interesting) Mozilla1 gets a plug in Metro today, on the letters page, someone responding to another letter about pop up ads on websites... if everyone figures out how easy they are to kill off, this'll put us out of business!

Getting the MX record straight has meant I am suddenly flooded with popex mail, lots of account deleting etc to do.

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