Blog2007 ≫ It's the end of the world.

No, not that end of the world, something a bit more lighthearted. Possibly. In an age where any security camera footage of a crime seems to be inconclusive, or not good enough quality to be of any use, or just not pointing the right way at the right time, maybe this news that police are to get new helmet cams1 is a good thing;

The devices enable officers to confront offenders with their crimes by replaying footage to them on the spot. In pilot schemes, offenders have proved far more likely to plead guilty or accept on-the-spot fines or cautions than contest their cases in court

But, right, who's making this man machine interface robocop technology? It's Cylon Systems2, is this the beginning of the story that I saw somehow beamed back from the future, where we made the Cylons, and in the end they destroyed all human life??? Has no-one seen this evidence but me? Also, who'd have thought there was a market for a website called Helmet Camera Central3 anyway? Looks good though, they have their best guess at specs4 and things:

The Cylon specifications state 720x480 for resolution, which is great, but the compression codecs and the hardware in the Archos are not really designed for full NTSC compression quality. Their specs mention a custom 20GB Archos AV4 - most likely this is the AV400. The specs on Archos site for the AV400 state full 30fps, 720x480 PLAYBACK, but recording is MPEG-4 SP - which is 512x384 @ 30fps. So, I'm thinking the Cylon camera may be 720x480, but the compression codec scraps it down to 512x384

Had a great weekend, friends visiting, lunch at Escondido, and it seems the rumours are true, they are looking to open another branch, maybe in Tunbridge Wells or maybe in Ashford, or a couple of places were mentioned. They're also expanding the current setup in Sandgate, converting the huge cellar so as not to have to turn away so many customers. I love that restaurant.

We also did a lot of walking along The Leas and all around town, and had a night in playing Dark Tower.

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