Blog2007 ≫ Cure tickets

Off to see The Cure at Wembley

Cure tickets are on their way, though of course I didn't buy them from ebay at a vastly inflated markup, I got them from Ticketbastard at a vastly inflated markup instead. Thirty five pounds each for the ticket, then another fiver each in ticketbastard profit fees, then another fiver postage.

At least we're not following the american system, yet. I followed a link for Ozzy Osborne tickets (again, not actually to ebay, just trying to encourage casual visitors there so I can cream off a little commission from these humungous internet profits, that's what all the new ebay links over in the side bar are about too) and though they weren't on sale yet, I was offered the chance to join ticket club for another forty five dollars so I could buy the tickets that weren't on sale yet, or I could make a minimum bid of $180 to buy premium tickets.

KISS are probably the very worst exponents of this system, I am kind of fearing them ever coming to the UK again. Hopefully with them never having been as popular here as in the USA there'll be no probs getting them.

The one time I did see them, at Finsbury Park, I left about half way through to meet some friends in the pub, tsk, where were my priorities?

UPDATE: Cure tickets are going like hot cakes, even the seated ones, glad I got up early and we've got ours. If the chums don't come up with the cash quickly enough, I'll be flogging theirs too, hurrah!

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