Blog2009 ≫ Michael Jackson tickets, premier seats in block A

Did you queue for tickets? Did you phone up on the first day? Are you disappointed with your seats? Looks like the best seats were reserved for value added packages like this:

Choose Premium seats in Block A on the Floor in first 15 rows, or first 20 rows in the Lower Tier.

Champagne on arrival Pre-show party in private facility DJ and entertainment Red carpet VIP check-in and fast track entry Goody bag Souvenir tour laminate After-show party Parking/Thames Clipper ticket

Sell yours on ebay, buy these instead. Oh, they're nearly 800 quid. Will report back on how many sold. This is how the promoter will make back their money.

Get Michael Jackson tickets here1...

The Smiths, when you reform, please don't play the O2, I'm not sure I could go.

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